Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi Knitters,
There's a new sheep in town. The wonderful Vickie Howell asked me to be a part of her blog tour and I happily agreed because anything she puts her name on has to be something good. Vickie has teamed up with Caron Yarns to create a wonderful new line of yarn called Sheep(ish). The colors are sharp and saturated and a bit retro with a modern twist. I am always smitten with color names and Vickie has a way with being clever so Sheep(ish) does not disappoint.
There are 21 color names including Magenta(ish), Espresso(ish) and Chartreuse(ish). I love the (ish) added to the end of the names.
The colors range from natural shades of white, gray and browns to saturated colors that really pop. Sheep(ish) is a blend of 70% acrylic and 30% wool and it is machine washable. One interesting note is that it is a roving-type yarn which means it is a single ply with a gentle twist. It has a sheen to it as well.
The publicity pack shows the commitment of Caron to produce something new and catchy and just plain fun! The kit came with a little project bag that includes a removable sheep charm. The embroidery hoop with the color samples is clever and cute.
Also included is a copy of the publicity video and a button and a skein of the Sheep(ish) yarn. I think this team is off to a great start. The yarn is soft and lofty. Best of all it is affordable and can be easily found at craft stores everywhere.

Here are a couple of fun links to check out to find out more:

Vickie has started posting a bunch of fun free patterns to use with Sheep(ish). Click here to check out the patterns!

Check out Vickie's promotional video below:

Also, there is a gigantic blog tour going on for Sheep(ish) with some excellent blogs involved. I love blog tours because usually there are one or two blogs I am not familiar with that I get to learn about. Check out the schedule below.

I wish Vickie warm wishes and the best of luck with her newest venture. She is always so positive and it shines through in her crafty endeavors. This is one busy woman and mother so let's make sure we all support her as she continues to spread her love of craft to the rest of the world!
best, susie
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Karen said...

Awesome! I love Vicki Howell and really jumped on the knitting train after watching Knitty Gritty (miss it ~ sniff sniff). How exciting for you to be involved! Thanks for sharing. The blog tour is going to be fun.

Judi A. said...

I saw this yarn on an end-cap in JoAnn's yesterday, which caused me to stop and look at it, mainly because I saw the face on the label. I recognized it, but didn't know who it was (sorry, Vickie) but now I do. :-) I did pick up a skein and liked the feel of it and it caused me to go "hmmmm." That meant I need to go back and check it out when I have more time. Thanks for the clarification of who and what. :-)

Unknown said...

I use Caron yarn quite often so this is so neat that they have something nes. Looking forward to it and finding it. I saw someone posted that they found it at a Joannes so I will start looking. I am making Rayonnant a sweater pattern with the Spa yarn and I love it.

Stefanie said...

I love her rock star hair and attitude of knitting!
I'll be lookin' for her yarn.

Stefanie said...

I forgot to add to my earlier comment that when watching one of her site videos, I loved how Vicki said, "Knitting is community."

mountain girl said...

Looks very sweet and just makes your fingers itch to knit!

CupcakeCatie said...

I cant wait to try this yarn! Iv been waiting for it! :)

Mary said...

I just saw the beautiful new Sheepish yarn at JoAnn's and am looking forward to trying it on some new crochet projects. This blog tour is fun!

Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

How fun! I'll have to check this out :)

Melissa said...

I like the look of this new Sheepish Yarn. Next time I get over to one of the Big box stores I'll have to check it out. I've been mulling over making a lap blanket for my grandmother for Christmas and this might be a really nice yarn choice.
Also I have to say I also LOVE your sandals! I'm not really a shoe girl, except for when it comes to sandals.

PAK said...

The yarn looks great and the birds are cute, but who makes those great sandals? I love them