Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coffee Chalk

Hi Knitters,
This morning my daughter and I did some sidewalk chalk art along with my cup of coffee. What a beautiful morning, a summer dream.
I drew my obligatory polka dot flower. My kids always ask me to draw the same things. Isn't that silly? Kids like to do the same things over and over again. I always find that interesting. It must bring comfort.
Here is a crazy artist at work. Look at that extension and the passion. She loves to make things this girl.This is her masterpiece. A duck and an apple tree together at last. I am loving the proportions.
A satisfied brow smudged with chalk remnants is a good sign.
She requested this shot of her pulling an apple from the tree. What would I do without her?
Okay, here is a new project I started this morning. Note my extremely organized pattern writing technique complete with arrows and frog post-its. Oy. Why do I do this to myself?
This is a freshly felted (or is it fulled?) sweater from my washer. I see so many possibilities.
A pillow, maybe? I'll keep you posted.
The second monster hat is underway. Look what mama got yesterday! I'm pretty excited about my new ipod nano. I had an ipod mini that was not working well at all. It had been dropped one too many times. I am checking out audiobooks to load up right now. Any suggestions?
Have a super Tuesday.
best, susie