Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekly Hodge Podge

Hi Knitters,
Here's a taste of what is happening over at my house....

I am working on the pattern for the Quaker Ridge Shawlette. It should be ready very soon and I'll keep you posted. (Here is the rav link for the shawl.) This morning though, I did do some knitting. I finished the sleeves and button bands for this new top-down seamless baby hoodie design. I have two adorable buttons at the ready as soon as the wool dries. The yarn is the beautiful and yummy Quince & Co. in Lark. Check it out right here!

This is another sample for my Vogue Knitting Live class this Oct. 28th from 2-5pm in Chicago. I have about 7 different options for the basic baby cardigan so far to choose from for the students taking the class. It should be pretty fun. I hope to see you there! I heard from the event coordinator at Vogue that this class is almost sold out now, too.

All of these these new baby patterns will be published and made available at a later date for purchase.

I have started winding the small amounts of handspun yarn leftover from knit projects into tiny balls leaving enough at the end to make a loop and tie a knot. They are like little ornaments. I don't know why but they look larger in the photo than in person. The biggest one is about an inch big.

TC brought home a puppy that belongs to some kids she babysits. The kids came over with her, too, and they played outside for a long time. The puppy is so cute, obviously. TC just loved him. His name is Bucky. I guess the kids named him.

 I am spinning up this gorgeous roving from Sunshine Yarns called Desert Cactus. 

I pre-drafted and wound it into these fluffy roving balls just waiting to be spun. I can't wait to finish this up to see the final outcome but it is taking long because I have 8oz. and it is going to be a three-ply yarn in the end. I'll share when it is finished.

I finally started Laura Linneman's My Hope shawl in Cakewalk Yarns sock yarn in the Smirk colorway. Oh, that yarn is good. It is gray with speckles of beautiful colors thrown in. I love both the yarn and pattern so much. This is a perfect match.

For some reason I am getting bunches of new sign-ups in my Craftsy Wee Ones Seamless Knit Toys online class. I mean hundreds and hundreds of new students over the past week. I am not sure why, but I am certainly happy to see everyone over on Craftsy. I still check in at least several times a week to answer questions and to see new finished projects.  

Anyway, if you are one of the new students, thank you for joining me on Craftsy! The elephant above is included in the class along with the patterns for a hippo and bunny. All three toys are knit from the top-down and are seamless, including the top-down sweater. The class is jam-packed with fun toy knitting techniques and tips. You learn a lot while making some cute little Wee Ones knit toys.

So that's what has been happening around here. What's going on at your house this week? I'd love to hear about it. I have two or three reviews and giveaways coming right up so keep your eyes out if interested.
best, susie