Sunday, June 19, 2011

TC's Poster!

Hi Knitters,
It is Father's Day and we have a lot going on, as I am sure you all do, but I quickly want to ask a favor. TC's poster has been nominated to win a big contest. If you have a second and you feel like TC's poster is deserving of your vote, please pop over to the site. TC's poster is poster #6.

The contest closes in one day on June 21st so the window is very small to vote. Voting only takes a second. You can click on her poster to enlarge it. The actual poster has glitter on it which you can't see online. Also, the background is an intricate firework pattern. It's pretty cool and she worked very hard on it. She is thrilled to have her poster nominated. All of the nominees did a great job on the posters.

If you felt that TC's poster was worthy of your vote, thank you. If not, that's a-okay, too.

I will be back to tell you more about my Chicago trip in a day or two. It was a great success.
On another note, I just finished a project that will be a free pattern for Spud & Chloƫ. It is this adorable shrug with a ruching detail. I will give you the scoop on this one very soon.

Have a happy Father's Day, everyone!
best, susie