Friday, February 11, 2011

Class with Spud

Hi Knitters,
Into the weekend we go! I want to let you know that my class for Feb. 27th at Stitcher's Crossing is filling up very quickly. Thank you for the great response and for all of my knitting friends who are far away... thanks for letting me know you are out there. I would love to teach some online classes and since you've expressed so much interest you've spurred me on to find out more about it.

I've been hearing a lot about several well-known knitters out there holding online classes and I need to get up to speed on that. Somehow you pay a class fee and you are given a password so only the class members can see the instructional videos, have access to patterns and class information and handouts to print out. You can plan times to chat online for questions and support. Do you already know all about this? Let me know if you have any good information or tips for me to get started in this direction. It could be a really fun thing for the future.

Back to my in person class...

The class is $30 which I forgot to state in the last post. There are only a few remaining spots open. I just got off the phone with the shop owner. I will definitely be bringing some Spud & Chloƫ goodies to share with the class.

I can't wait to meet everyone. Please note that I am not teaching basic skills for this class because it is going to be a pretty large group. You should have the basics down if you sign up (knitting in the round on dpns, casting on, kniting, purling, binding off). I am there to help and speed is not important at all so don't worry about anything. There is a supply list at the shop.

I am excited about the class because I haven't taught for quite awhile. Should be good fun just to hang out and knit together for a couple of hours on a sleepy February Sunday.

Moving on.... I received a first copy of Spud & Chloƫ at the Farm on my doorstep this week. It never gets old to see your book in book form for the first time. It is really a charming little book. I am going to talk way more about it in detail and officially preview the book on my Spud says! blog. Please be sure to check in over there or subscribe if you'd like. That way you won't miss anything.

So today is just another teaser and mainly for the upcoming class!
I have to give you one tiny sneaky-peek. Spud is definitely the superstar of the book. There is no doubt about that. He is my favorite character in the bunch, although I love them all. I feel like he is the driving force.
Here is another photo of the mouse we are making in the class. You might be able to get more than one done in the class time. We'll have to see how much knitting we get done in between the chatting and sharing and looking through my book pages. Now I will even have the actual book to bring along which will really be a sneak peek.

The good thing is that when you get a hank of the Sweater yarn to knit several mice you'll still have plenty left over to use it for other projects. Don't worry about using it up. I overlap the colors throughout the book.
The farm mice are part of a little project pairing with the Barn Cat. This new cat of mine is a good one. The paws are the best. Notice that the mouse can sit up or go flat to the ground. I like that feature.
Whiskers, whiskers, whiskers.
Why are knitted toys so cute from the back?
Have a great weekend, Knitters. I'll see you next week right here.
best, susie