Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morning, Noon and Night

Hi Knitters,
The knitting frenzy is continuing right on over here. The Collector wakes up early in the morning and starts her knitting....
... and continues right on into the late night. Things to note in this photo: TC wearing the original Chocolate Blues bonnet from Itty-Bitty Hats (they dug out my collection of hats from the book), the finished sock on our neighbor's leg, and how closely TC snuggles in next to her knitting buddy on the couch when there is plenty of room to spread out. Our neighbor is the most patient of the patient, thank goodness. TC practically sits on her. When they are knitting together they say, "We are one," and hold up their pinky fingers to touch. Then they laugh. Life is good.

That is another friend/neighbor-sister sketching in our huge coffee table sketchbook. These neighbor friends have a family of six girls so my girls are lucky to have them nearby. They have had more fun together over the years.

I stumbled up to bed at 11pm and left the knitters in my living room. They put me to shame. I have let TC live it up a little as school starts soon. I will be so sad when school starts.
I finished the Eclipse Hat for Peachy while sitting with the knitting girls. She loves it. Peachy has been knitting, too, as she started a lovely little baby hat of her own. She is on high school swim team right now and doesn't have much time between practice and sleeping. She joins in when she can.
This is one easy hat. I think I have enough yarn for another.
TC has learned how to purl, stitch in a fleece lining with needle and thread, use double-pointed needles and she is currently doing the single crochet. She lined her pumpkin hat with a pumpkin colored fleece.
She is so proud of her creations. What is better than that?
She made a modified football themed hat.
TC donated 6 hats to the Elizabeth House last Saturday. She was so excited to attend the knitting group she goes to with our neighbors to hand over her hats. She made 3 boy hats and 3 girl hats just to be fair and square. Elizabeth House is a place where mothers who are having a rough time can stay for awhile and receive support, classes and a general boost to get back on track. TC can't believe how lucky she is to get to give her hats to actual babies. I love that she has no problem giving away her creations like that. There is no thought to it at all.
She walks around with her knitting setting it down everywhere she goes. That's our piano bench that has to be cleared off in order to play. She has a hat and a pair of booties on the needles right now. Her fingers are always flying. She has taken to wearing yarn around her ankle, too. You can see it a little in the shot above.
Our sweet neighbor has finished one sock and has not taken her one sock off since she finished it days ago. I see her walking down the sidewalk in her Birki's with the one sock on, the other foot is bare. I can't stop smiling about it. She is on her second heel already so it won't be long until that toe comes around.
Who wouldn't wear that one sock all of the time? I would. And how's that for a first sock? Pretty impressive in my eyes. This girl is a smart cookie and a natural born knitter. I tell her something and she remembers and immediately knows what to do. I don't even write anything down for her. It is incredible to see.

The girls came home from the church knitting group with a batch of knitted and crocheted donated squares to make up a blanket. They are now spread out on my living room floor. They are working on putting the blanket together with crochet edgings and seams. I'll share photos of this later. It is too good to be true.

The knitting girls have made the end of my summer just about the best thing ever. Having their company is a blessing I don't take for granted.
best, susie