Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milwaukee Knitting Guild Recap

Hi Knitters,
Well, we got back pretty late last night from Milwaukee. My sweet husband and The Collector came along. They went out for a quick bite while I was speaking and TC came back to draw names for the raffle prizes I brought along for the end of the meeting. It was fun.
The knitters enjoyed the table of projects. I brought along projects from Itty-Bitty Toys, Itty-Bitty Nursery and Itty-Bitty Hats. Since we were driving to the event and my husband was there to help lug stuff for me I took advantage. It is fun to see projects from all three books together. That's a lot of knitting! These photos were before the meeting began.
The toys are ready to go! Waiting for the knitters to arrive can be difficult.
The toys and baby items were played with and loved. I love how the adults adore the toys. They love to play just like the kids. Two die-hard sweater knitters told me after the meeting that they are quitting sweaters and starting toy knitting! I loved that. They may never go back to the sweaters again. We'll have to see....
There was a charity knitting drive going on with lots of donated baby items. The guild sold Itty-Bitty books with the proceeds going to the guild and I think they sold out which is good.
The meeting was well-attended. The knitters were enthusiastic as they always are.
The Collector took these photos for me at the end. I love to see what she sees.
The baby always gets lots of attention (the woman on the left). People love her belly-button and her ruffled underpants. They always look under the dress and I think that's funny.
I saw some of the free Spud & Chloƫ patterns knit up for the charity knitting. The ladies at the end are holding the Heart on a String Hat and I saw a Watermelon hat, too. That's wonderful to see as I love the charity knitting.
The woman on the right loved the reversibles. She was very sweet.
Toy inspectors were everywhere. I hope I passed the test.The woman on the end is another Susan B. with a Forbes on the end. She makes sock blanks and they are really neat and intriguing. She is selling as a vendor at the Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In (the Mason-Dixon ladies will be the guest speakers) this weekend. I wish I could attend but I will be in NYC.

Click here to check out Susan B.'s site. Please look for her at the Knit-In and tell her I said hi. Her sock blanks are incredibly interesting and beautiful. The main thing is that they knit up beautifully as I saw some samples. Click here for Susan's blog. She was really fun to meet. Good luck in Madison. That is one crazy huge crowd so I know you will be an enormous hit, Susan B.
Pat, the woman on the right with the name tag was so fun to meet. She actually won 2 prizes, one from the guild and one from me! It was her lucky night. She was fun and had lots of good stories. I could tell she loves her knitting.
The hats were a huge hit!
The books were going, going, gone.
I loved this photo TC took. Now my friends are waiting to be packed up to head home.
This sweet young woman, Monica, is a Madison to Milwaukee transplant. She had two books for me to sign. One for her and one for her knitting buddy who got married and moved to Austin. I can't believe the nerve of some knitting buddies out there:) We are holding Monica's giraffe in progress. We were laughing at how the body looks like a squash. It was nice to meet you Monica and thanks for coming.
Please Sir, can I have some more? (Lame I know but it's all I can think of when I see this photo:)
TC took this shot of my husband. He is an awesome supporter. Couldn't do any of this without him. Big love.
I don't know who took this photo but that TC is a cute little thing. Loved having her around.
My forever buddy.

Thanks for a fun night in Milwaukee. I appreciate it!
I have a couple of side notes here.

The photo above is so incredibly sweet I asked KimPossible on ravelry (click here to see more photos and information) if I could share it with you. She said sure! I just love that sleeping little cupcake. The pattern is from Itty-Bitty Nursery and is one of my all-time favorite projects. You can't go wrong with a cupcake on your head, right? I wish I could sleep like that.

This is a cool project for sewers. A fantastic pillow tutorial on Design Sponge by Brett Bara! Click here!

Here is a beautiful free pattern for a cowl that I will be making at some point. I LOVE this one. Click here to get the free pattern from Webs America's Yarn Store. I have used the Berkshire Bulky before and love it. It is a great deal and there are tons of colors.

My final tour dates are coming up tomorrow, March 11th and March 13th!! I will not be touring again for a long time so this is it! Here is the run-down:

March 11th, 5-8pm

4:30 PM ARRIVAL Loop

5:00 PM 1914 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19146

Contact: Craig Rosenfeld

Store: 215-893-9939


We are doing a fun optional knit-a-long! Bring your US size 6 dpns if you want to participate. If not, just bring yourself!!!!

Saturday, March 13th, 1-3pm:

12:45 PM ARRIVAL Knitty City

1:00 PM 208 West 79th St.

New York, NY 10024

Contact: Pearl

Store: 212-787-5896


The Knitty City event is a very casual meet and greet and book signing! Drop-in style! No formal presentation but I will have the entire IBT trunk show for all to enjoy. Can't wait. I have some special Ravelry friends coming so it should be fun.

There you have it!! Hope to see you there, sweet knitters.

best, susie