Friday, June 08, 2007

1 Vesper Down, 11 To Go

Hi Knitters,
Look it matches the morning paper. I finished my first Vesper Sweet Water sock. I love it. This is great yarn, and I have 6 skeins of Vesper in my possession, in different colors of course. I know I am lucky. So I figure I will be knitting a total of 12 socks with Vesper yarn and I have only finished one sock so far. I will share as I go. I'll be starting the matching sock to this one later today.
When I finish a sock I always put it on immediately, fresh off the needles. This is a thrill for me every time. There is something so motivating about finishing a project.

I used size 2 dpns and let the yarn do all of the work for this simple stockinette sock with a heel flap. Oh well, can't wait until I have a pair.
A couple of years ago I made two mosaic pots. This is my favorite mosaic project and I have made many of these tiny pots to give as gifts. Anyway this particular pot I grouted with some pre-made grout from Michael's. I had never tried this before, I have always mixed my own grout. I was so disappointed with the pre-made stuff. It was gooey and too sticky for me. I had a hard time working with it. I couldn't even get the grout cleaned off of the pot very well.
I was going to throw the two pots out in the trash, but instead I put them out in my backyard. They sat out through a year or two of harsh weather and one of them broke. Now I absolutely love this remaining tiny pot. I think it looks great and I am so glad I saved it. Some of the tiles and things have fallen off, but this year I am going to plant in it and set it out.
Some things just get better with age.
best, susie
p.s. I did an interview with a new crafting podcast a couple of nights ago. It is called Inspirational Wednesday. It will be available June 13. The show is available through itunes. I'll give more details later.