Friday, January 25, 2013

Annabel Cardigan Story

Hi, Knitters,
Well, I have a new cardigan. Finishing a handknit garment is fun and satisfying every time. I always think about how you start a knitting project with simple sticks and string and you end up with something amazing. That's what knitting really is, amazing. I am in love with this sweet little garter stitch cardigan. You might like to knit one, too.

Here is the information on my wonderful new cardigan:
Pattern: Annabel by Carrie Bostick Hoge  
This is a wonderfully written pattern, very clear and easy instructions.

Level of difficulty: First time sweater perfection! Millionth time sweater perfection! Fun, simple and fast for everyone.

Yarn: Malabrigo Twist in the Indiecita #416 colorway (bought several years ago from Webs) I think this is the softest and squishiest cardigan I have ever made. I don't always go for the softest yarns but this time I did. If softness is something you seek out Twist would be perfect for you.

Needles: US 10.5, 32-inch circs and dpns

Buttons: Sheppardhandmade on Etsy (I'd like to buy everything in this shop. Adorable and sweet buttons, packaging divine, origami crane included, an extra tiny button, too, and letter stamped tape like from when I was a child. Love, love, love everything about this shop.)

Modifications: None except added a little length in the body and arms. I followed the pattern exactly for the second size. Also, I substituted the yarn. The pattern is written for Quince & Co.'s Osprey. I would love to make another in Osprey. 

What I learned: 
I learned that I really don't love alternating skeins but it is imperative when knitting with a variegated yarn. I already knew this but my dislike of alternating skeins every 2 rows was confirmed. It just slowed me down a lot. However, the finished fabric and coloration throughout the sweater is absolutely beautiful, even and perfect. It was worth all of the trouble.

I also learned that I really don't love garter stitch in large quantities. Again, I already knew this. Remember my Hitchhiker shawl? It's still not done. I just find garter stitch um.... a little boring (my least favorite word) but I love the finished garter stitch items so I will continue to knit every row when it's needed.

Here's the rest of the story in pictures:

A cardigan love story.
A sweet, simple one.
Have a good weekend and I hope you are knitting a love story, too.
best, susie