Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beautiful Lakeside Fibers

Hi Knitters,
It is so funny when someone else has your camera and takes lots of pictures. In this case it was my daughter, she's eleven. She tagged along with me to the most beautiful knit shop anywhere in the world, Lakeside Fibers. I can't believe this shop is in my own city, Madison. We are so lucky. Anyway, my daughter entertained herself during the signing by taking lots of goofy pictures and some good ones, too. Unfortunately, I am in a lot of the shots due to my daughter's photography and a few people I simply made take a picture with me. Sorry about that but I want a picture of you!
This is the lovely Molly who helped organize the event today. Molly is a phd student at the UW in something like textile design. Get this, her masters thesis was the Elizabeth Zimmerman exhibit that was here in Madison last year. She received tons of press about this event and it was mentioned in some of the major knitting magazines. She does a great job and she's just fun to talk to and be around. She even took my daughter to the Nutsy Mutts and Crazy Cats shop next door while I shopped a bit. You gotta love that!

Miranda, the shop manager, also needs a big thank you for having me. Miranda runs the shop so well. It is a thriving place.
My beloved peaknit, Stacey, made the effort to come and see me. I really had to force her to be in this picture with me but it was worth it. The thing is that Stacey learned to knit at my old shop and she took classes with me when I used to teach there. Now she is a big-time knitting blogger with people just waiting to see what she is going to knit next. Her knitting commentary and project selections are some of the best out there in blogland.

When my first book came out last year I didn't even have a blog. After Stacey came to my event at Lakeside Fibers last year I found her blog and it inspired me to start my own. She is the reason I even started this whole blogging thing and I love doing it. She inspires knitters with her writing, insight, humor, keen eye and especially her honesty. She is a smart cookie!
This is Natalie and she wanted one (or two) of everything.
This is Natalie's mom, Stacy. She learned to knit with me at Alphabet Soup, too. She and the other Stacey remembered each other from the old shop. We used to have so much fun over there, I am not kidding. There were quite a few visitors today from my old shop which I love to see. It's too bad when some things have to end, I miss that place, too. It was good to see friends I hadn't seen in quite awhile.
I thought these pictures were so funny. I had no idea my daughter was doing this right next to me at the table. There were about a dozen shots like this. I love it. Kids are so funny without even trying.
What a goofball and nice lips!
My dear friend Yuly came to visit. She will kill me for putting this up here but I had to. She is a beautiful knitter and designer and she is even working on her French baking skills.
She brought me the lightest, flakiest, buttery cranberry scones ever. Oh my goodness, Yuly, they were wonderful. That's right my family and I ate them right up when I got home and they are gone. Yummy treats don't last long around here!
I had such a wonderful afternoon around here. I signed lots and lots of books, saw old and new friends, chatted up the knitting world and mainly hung out. I think we stayed about 4 hours! It was relaxing, comfortable and fun. The staff at Lakeside is friendly, down to earth, laid back, helpful, fun and smart. You couldn't find a better knitting shop anywhere. There is a quiet but inviting elegance here that is truly unique and very indicative of Madison.
The cafe in the back of the store is gorgeous. Look at the view from the back windows, it is breathtaking. There is a large deck off the back of the shop and cafe. It was packed with knitters and people the whole time I was there. There is a large crowd that just hangs out here having coffee and eating and meeting friends and knitting. It is that kind of place.
And the yarn! On top of the food, coffee and bakery, there is so much yarn and it is displayed in the best of ways. The selection is top-notch. Lakeside is current with yarn trends and the amount of stock is staggering. This is the Cascade wall. That is all Cascade 220! There are knitted samples and swatches everywhere you turn. This is only one wall of yarn. There are several more rooms of yarn before this.
If you are in town make your way over to this shop. Their site has been recently remodeled and I think very soon it will be open for shopping! This will be a great resource and as soon as it is ready to open I will link again to remind people.

This was good fun. Thanks for a good day in Madison, Lakeside Fibers.
best, susie