Friday, December 05, 2008

Little Knitted Things

Hi Knitters,
I've squeezed in a few little Christmas-y knitting items here and there. Those minutes I sit and wait for kids in my car really add up.
This is a sachet Christmas tree. It is about 4-5 inches tall. I filled it partially with lavender so it smells really good. Here is the pattern and the yarn is here. This was fast, fun and easy peasy.
I made up my own snowman. He is about 4 inches tall. Love him to death and I plan on making more in different sizes. Here is the pattern for the sno-buddy family. My pattern is in my head. I added arms with a couple of brown I-cords stuffed with pipe cleaners. They look like sticks and they bend. Perfect.
Here is a quick Santa Baby Ornament that I made while waiting for my daughter after school today. I strung it with white thread so it is ready to hang. Cute, cute at about 2 inches tall.
Can you spot the last tiny thing I made?
I made up a quick Pear Apple Cozy out the most beautiful yarn ever. It is a dk weight yarn and the name of it is Ginny. It is a gorgeous treat, all fresh and beautiful and fruity. I can't tell you how yummy the colors are in Ginny, rose, gold, peach, lime, light pink. 

To give you a hint at how I made my snowman, I used my cozy pattern and then instead of the ribbing for the head I decreased a little for the neck, then I increased a little for the head and then I closed it up on top. 

As for the cozies, I keep making them and giving them away and then I never have any around for myself. I really want to use my cozy to hold yarn cakes while I knit. I am determined to knit a bunch to keep around here for good.

Okay, I have some fantastic links for you. Take a peek.

I am ordering these straight away to add to my handknits. I love this simple idea so much.
I have the original one from Garnet Hill that my sister gave me, but now you can knit your own.
This is cool jewelry that I would love to own. 
These would be a dream come true to have at your fingertips while knitting.

Last but not least, my friend Dianne has opened her shop and it is incredible. Eat that yarn up quick! I can't wait to knit with my yarn from Dianne and then I can get some more. 

Oh, and one more, I had several people send me this link. I think it is funny that it reminded them of me in some way. Too fun.

Okay, that should keep you busy for awhile. I am the guest speaker at the Monday, Dec. 8th Madison Knitters Guild meeting. This should be fun but I need to get organized this weekend so I know what I am saying when I get there. Yeah, that would be good, right? 

It has been a crazy week with deadlines and now I just need to catch my breath for a moment.

From the knitter of little things, take care.
best, susie