Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spool is Cool

Hi Knitters,
Back in March, which seems like a year ago not a month ago, I had a book tour stop in Philadelphia at Loop, a wonderful yarn shop. I knew that Spool was near Loop but I didn't make the connection that it is right next door. I also didn't make the connection that Craig, the owner of Loop, is also the owner of Spool along with his business partner Laura. Well, now that I've got all of that straight it only makes me love Spool even more. The shop is fresh, airy and bright plus it is nestled in an active, creative neighborhood.
I have ordered fabric bundles from them several times over the last year or so. I used those bundles to make the quilt top that I finished last spring but haven't quilted yet. I have the batting and backing all set but when my house went under construction early last summer I put this project away. I am pulling it out now to finish. Be sure to check out the fantastically coordinated fabric bundles Spool puts together. I would like one of each, please. You will be inspired for sure.

Oh, and the quilt pattern above is totally made up by me. There is no rhyme or reason and there are not many straight seams so don't look too close. The colors are sure summer-y and juicy. I've had lots of people ask me for the pattern when I posted this before but it is just random strips sewn together. Anyone could do it.
Back to Spool, the store is well-organized with fun displays, patterns, accessories, and a wide variety of fabrics.
My sister and I were really intrigued by the oil cloth prints.
This is the front table and the dress is an incredibly sweet Oliver + S pattern. Check out all of the Oliver + S patterns here, they are the cutest kids designs around.
There is a long wall packed with fabrics organized by color. It's so fun to look at from near and far. Do you see the tiny birds on top of the shelf? I made a bunch of those last spring. The free pattern is from Spool. Click here for the free bird pattern.

There are a lot of other free patterns and fun project ideas and updates on the Spool blog. Be sure to check out the blog here.
I loved the skirts behind the register. That is the Amy Butler skirt I want to make on the right. I have had the pattern for a long time but haven't sewn it yet but soon I hope.
I love the wall of patterns. Easy access and easy viewing keeps things simple.
In both Spool and Loop the wall space is used so well. I enjoyed the variety of quilts and patterns and other finished projects hanging on the walls.
There are solids as well as prints. All are so beautiful.
Love the poppy skirt, the other is an apron.
This is the classroom. I would love to take a class here sometime. If you live in the area you should definitely check out the wide variety of classes at both Spool and Loop. Craig and Laura bring in teachers from all over the country and beyond to teach. They recently had Kaffe Fassett at Spool although they had to rent a larger space to hold all of the people who came to see him. I think they had 150 people or something like that.
The classroom makes me want to sit down and dig right in!
In honor of Kaffe's recent visit to the shop Spool has a gorgeous quilt kit made up in his fabrics and ready to order. The photo is of my kit that I recently received. I am so excited to have all of the parts to make the Ikat Stripe quilt with Kaffe's beautiful fabrics. Laura even sent the thread! I love that so much. I just told her to send me everything I need to make the quilt. She thought of everything.
You can order everything you need to make the quilt or just the fabric for the top.

Here is the shop information:
1912 South Street
Philadelphia PA 19146

Open Wed to Sun
from 11-6
I also asked Laura to throw in the new issue of Stitch magazine. It is wonderful!! It is sitting on my new Heather Bailey oilcloth tablecloth. Laura helped me pick out the perfect stripe pattern for my kitchen. I love it and she did a great job.
I haven't done anything to the edges of the tablecloth yet but I had to give it a try on my table right away. It looks awesome. I told Laura my table measurements and she just cut and sent me the right amount. She is the best and thank you for all of the help, Laura.

If you get a chance head over to Spool tell them I say hi. They have the best customer service in person and online if you can't get there in person.

I hope to get back to Loop and Spool very soon.
best, susie