Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Hi Knitters!

The excitement is at an all-time high over here this morning. We are actually in the midst of doing a major clean up before the onslaught of new toys, clothes and gadgets hits our already crowded house. Everyone is pitching in, so that helps.

Have you checked out the crafting blog yet? Go on over there and see what she's all about. I need more time to explore this blog more thoroughly, but it is a popular one to say the least.

I'll post a better shots of the fun stuff I have made and collected over the years that fill up my studio. I can't seem to get the shots to be crystal clear, they are always a little shaky even when I rest my elbows on something for stability. Any suggestions out there? I am new at photography, but I am loving it and I want to get better. I have so much to share.

The buttons that are hot glued to my light switch in my studio were given to me in an ancient tin from a sweet friend of mine. They were her mother's buttons, some of them are extremely old, and when she passed away at age 90 a few years ago, my friend thought of me when she found the tin. When I showed her my light switch, she just loved it! I still want to do more with these, like use some mismatched buttons on a sweater for her granddaughter or make a felted scarf with the buttons applied somehow. I've got to work on that.

Guess who won the battle with the manuscript? That would be me! It is on its way to NYC right now. I feel really good about it.

Another friend of mine dropped off her annual Christmas amaryllis that we watch grow and blossom every winter. What a treat to get such a great gift. I have kept a stash of knitted ornaments, Christmas Peas and Santa Baby hats and oh, I did some needle felting on styrofoam balls that I hand out when anyone stops by. They have been a big hit.

Well, that's enough for now. Have a beautiful holiday and enjoy your loved ones!

best, susie