Sunday, October 11, 2009

With Seeds, Please

Hi Knitters,
I could not get over the adorable photos and kind email I received yesterday. With permission, I am sharing both with you:


I had the opportunity to knit three watermelon hats for my daughter and my friend's two little girls. When I was done, I had this idea for a photograph. I thought you might want to see it. The hats are so cute and the girls look so cute wearing them. Thanks again for all of your amazing hats. It would be such a treat to have another one of your books on new hats!!

Rhonda Gibson
Stony Plain, Alberta Canada

Well, Rhonda, seeing your sweet, cute girls makes me want to do another hat book! Thank you for sharing with me. It made my day!
The Watermelon Hat is my free pattern and you can click here to get the pattern!
The yarn is Spud & Chloƫ Sweater in Watermelon, Grass, Ice Cream with a dash of Rootbeer. How yummy is that?

On another note, I would like several yards in each of these fabrics. Please? (Or even a yard or two in a couple colorways would be great:)

My sister and I have one more quilt class to go. It was funny because they added another class after we signed up meaning we thought there were three sessions and there are four. I am glad we found out! I need to work on my quilt today for a bit.

We are almost done with the quilt and I will share that with you when it is complete. I am doing well in the class and I am enjoying it very much. I find that when I am working at home by myself on my quilt I start making things up and the precision flies out the door. That's probably not good. I need to stay on track. The Collector is waiting for my quilt to use for her baby. That will be fun to see.

Have a great Sunday, dear Knitters. I will be back soon and thanks again to Rhonda!
best, susie