Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Flower Headband - New Pattern

Hi Knitters,
Well, after years of seeing these adorable flower headbands all over the place and having my daughters request that I a make them one, I finally sat down and designed one myself. It is not an earthshaking design and I didn't reinvent the wheel, but I did try to spice up my version with some fun techniques that may be new to some of you (if not that's all the better). I threw in some detailed instructions for short rows and a sewn bind off and a few different sizes for the headband and a completely customizable flower.

There you have it! My girls are in love with these headbands. Peachy likes the natural version and TC likes the colorful Noro version. Go figure.

Here is what you will need:
120 yards of chunky weight yarn (samples in Rowan British Sheep Breeds - leftover from the Owls sweater, and Noro Kochoran)
US size 10 needles, 6mm, 16-inch circular and 24-inch circular (the longer needles are optional but make things easier) or the size to obtain gauge
Gauge is 3.75 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch.

And you'll need about one afternoon or evening to make a beautiful headband! It is a fast and furious and simple project.

A little front angle for you....

The Noro Kochoran version...

TC wanted a lining for extra warmth so I found a headband that I purchased at Jo Ann's for $1.00 in a matching shade of pink. I see these cheap-o headbands all over, even in drugstores and grocery stores. I took a matching thread and stitched it in leaving enough give so that it stretches nicely.

One note, TC wanted a bigger flower so I added a 10 petal layer to her finished version. This version has a smaller flower.

Go big or go home (with your flower that is).

Now, I want you to know that there are pages of similar projects on Ravelry like this one. There are even many free versions of headbands with flowers. You may want to check these out.

I am making this pattern available for an extra-low price of $2.50.

And for this price you get:
3 sizes:  small child (large child, teen/adult); 16-inch (18-inch, 20-inch) circumference (remember to have 1-2 inches of negative ease when selecting a size)
Technique instructions
A customizable revamped flower pattern (similar to the felted flower in Itty-Bitty Hats) - it is only 3 rows per petal layer!
An instructional video for the flower - remember this one?

And a whole lot of fun, I hope! I made three of these and had the pattern completely memorized including the flower. It is that simple. It's my new go-to gift.

Click here for the Ravelry project page link!

I forgot how much I love making these flowers!

For some other cool flowers to embellish your headband check out this pattern by Kristin Nicholas.

The button-free headband gets narrower in the back of the neck for comfort. This project is a great way to use up leftovers from other projects. You could stripe yarns and use different yarns for the flower, too. Mix it up!

The pattern is in my Ravelry Pattern Store and I am putting it up in the new pattern store as well (I'll let you know when it's available over there). Yarn shop owners, by the way, I have made my Ravelry Pattern Shop patterns available for wholesale if you are interested in that. I think you have to be a pre-approved shop but definitely check into it if that is something you'd like to do.

Here is the Ravelry button to click to purchase the pattern for Another Flower Headband, if you are interested:

I'll be back with my Milk Cow pattern from Knit Circus. The rights have reverted back to me so I can sell the pattern in my shop now.

Also, a couple of you left comments about a Pinterest invite but you didn't leave your email. I need your email address to invite you.

Take care, sweet Knitters, and keep those ears warm!
best, susie