Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi Knitters,
I hope this day finds you well and happy. I had a whirlwind week and weekend just past. I will fill you in on the happenings in more detail very soon. One thing to share today is that I have learned how to spin! Well, I have learned a little bit about how to spin.

The skeins you see are my first meager attempts at spinning singles and then plying them together. Although I am usually a quick study when it comes to things of a crafty sort this seems not to be the case with the spinning. It is not a quick study but a long study involving lots and lots of practice and patience.
Therefore I am humbled. I will continue to work hard on the art of spinning because I have fallen in love with everything about it. I have even found myself thinking about it as I try to fall asleep at night and then I have to remind myself to stop thinking about it so I am able to fall asleep at night. Silly girl.

The wheel I am using is an Ashford Joy single treadle sent to me by the owner of Spud & Chloë.

The gorgeous natural roving was gifted to me by my friend Dianne of Sheep Dreams. A big box of roving just arrived on my doorstep one day. I had mentioned one time that I was planning on learning to spin. You should really read Dianne's blog if you don't already as she is a talented and interesting one. Click here for Sheep Dreams.

Liz at the Sow's Ear gave me a lesson on how to use a wheel and the very basic elements of spinning. Liz is an excellent teacher! She teaches knitting and spinning classes and kids knitting classes and she is a gem.

When I was having a lot of trouble with my wheel my friend Sara met me at the Sow's Ear and fixed my troubles right away. I sat and watched her spin for a bit and learned so much in a short period of time. Thank you, dear Sara. TC came with me and downed a hot chocolate and a big chocolate cupcake (yes, the Sow's Ear has a bakery/coffee shop, too) while Sara helped me. Oh, to be eleven....

I have some really cool and generous friends:)

I also had a most wonderful sort of huge surprise happen to me last week. I need to do a full and proper post on this event and I will. It will take quite a bit of time and thinking so I want to do it justice. It was an act of kindness and generosity that has touched me in a way that I've never experienced before. This surprise involves knitting, internationally located knitters, Spud & Chloë, and lots of love and patience and more.

I will be back with more during this appropriate week of thanks and giving. Here's to everyone having a good start to the week at hand.

best, susie
p.s. I have a new free pattern up on Spud says! for a long and twisty looped scarf. Click here to check out Twister.