Monday, March 16, 2009

Girl Scout Knitting Part 2

Hi Knitters,
With a table filled with variegated and rainbow choices to make, two more Girl Scout knitting gatherings have occurred in my living room. I can't tell you how much the girls love to choose the yarn for their project. The baby hats continue to be a hit as an initial knitting project for the girls. They love it.
This little sweetheart came on a day after school by herself due to some schedule conflicts. She is already a fast and furious knitter so there wasn't much for me to teach. The hat is her first time knitting in the round on circular needles so she learned a little something new. She is already adept with her needles for sure.
Work, work, stitch, stitch...
The little stitchers are so cute and deliberate.
This was the next meeting later in the week. The Collector has finished 3 hats now, even working several rounds on double-pointed needles to finish this hat off. I will share some photos of her finished creations soon.
In this group there were a couple of girls who already knew how to knit. This adorable knitter has made hats before and her mom knits. This was an easy task for her, no problem.
This Girl Scout's mom knits, too, and she had recently learned to knit back and forth. The knitting in the round was new for her but she caught on extremely fast. Many people have written me to see what pattern and yarn and needles I am using with the girls. The pattern is from Itty-Bitty Hats, just the Simple Baby Cap pattern. They are knitting a longish tube to either gather at the top, seam across or I will help finish with double-pointed needles. It will be their choice. These options are all in the book. Then we will add something fun to top off the hat to make it extra-special.

I cast on 64 stitches on Clover US size 8, sixteen inch circular needles, marked the first stitch with a marker, and knitted a couple rounds to get them started. Casting on will come later with the next project. I want them just to learn the knit stitch to start. This seems to be a good strategy. Keeping things simple and fun is a smart way to begin.
The capped little friend above was my only brand new knitter in the group. Boy, did she catch on fast, nearly no help needed from me. I was pretty amazed at the speed with which she picked things up. She's a smart cookie.
Think and work and stitch and wrap...
I love The Collector walking around the room with her knitting in tow. She was visiting the troop-mates and helping when needed.
Those little hands knitting are too good. I could watch all day. Ah, just look.
Chit and chat.
Knitting with friends can't be beat. They were a happy, fun group to have over, such good friends to each other. This group included loads of laughter and silliness. There was a lot of up and down and quick changing topics of conversation. 

I eat it up. The sillier, the better for me.
I love how little girls like to sit so close to each other. It's very sweet. This has been a wonderful, fulfilling project for me so far and the girls seem to be enjoying it, too. 

How lucky am I? You know what? You all could do this same project in your communities even if you don't have a girl scout of your own. If you are interested you should think about it.

One more meeting to go at the end of the week. Then the small groups will be done and I will begin to plan our large group meeting. That should be really fun. I know a couple of girls are ready to finish up their hats from the first meeting. 

I am wishing a good week to knitters of all ages out there. Hopefully you'll find a little time to get some knitting in this week.
best, susie