Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hot Cocoa Days

Hi Knitters,
I have started the ritual of hot chocolate and cookies with my girls again after school. I fire up the tea kettle before they get home and I try my best to have homemade cookies of some sort ready. Some days it might be a muffin or banana bread but most usually cookies. We've decided we like the mini-marshmallows the best. I don't know what it is about hot cocoa but as we sip we get to chatting. It is so hot that it takes time to drink and it makes for this nice little break time in the day that we can spend together. I love this time so much. The stories about school are the best.

I have a funny story to share. Yesterday, my son appeared home at lunch. He ate his lunch while we casually chatted. Then after he ate he said, "Oh yeah, I need a treat for my 5th hour class," which was in about an hour. I wonder why he ate his lunch before telling me. It makes me laugh that he truly thinks nothing of this. He thinks I can come up with something really great and homemade and instantly. I told him I wish he would give me a little more time. He said he was sorry and that he totally forgot. What am I going to do?

I started scrounging through my cupboards looking for anything that said "treat." There was nothing. I did have a caramel brownie mix, two boxes. I had only two eggs in the fridge. Fortunately, each box called for only one egg. What are the odds? I beat that batter up so fast it would make your eyes spin. I whipped the brownie-filled pan in the oven. He went back to school for 4th hour and as he left he said, "Oh, you have to be at the doors right on time to meet me because I only have a couple of minutes to switch classes." Of course, he said thank you with a big hug and an I love you which always works for me. The pressure was on.

The brownies needed to bake for about 40 minutes and could have used a couple more minutes in the oven but I pulled them out anyway. I had cleared a space in my freezer, no small feat, and threw the pan in to cool it down as much as possible. About five minutes later I pulled the pan out and cut the brownies into squares, he needed treats for 30 so I did a 6 by 5 cut.

Did you know if you cut brownies with a plastic knife that it will cut so smoothly? If you use your silverware knife the brownies clump and stick to the knife making it difficult to cut. My sister taught me this trick and it really works. I may have mentioned this before but I love this trick. We always have some plastic utensils around from potlucks and gatherings. Give it a try next time.

On with the saga...

I frantically covered the still warm pan with foil and tossed a big batch of napkins in a baggie and added two plastic knives for serving. I threw the whole thing in my car and burned up to school. Time was ticking. As I pulled up my son was just walking out the door.

He came over to the car, opened the door, leaned in, smiled the best smile ever and said, "Thanks, Ma." I said, "No problem." I wiped the sweat from my brow and drove back home.

I love that boy.
best, susie