Tuesday, October 05, 2010

An Apple a Day

Hi Knitters,
An apple picking trip was taken a week or so ago. This is one of my favorite fall rituals. We will go back to get pumpkins soon. Here are some highlights.
The polka band was grand but the baby dancing on the side was the BEST. We watched that baby dance for a long time. It was awesome.
The colors and shapes are too good to be true.
TC pulled out her special apple cardigan. Love that.
Don't you love a big pile of sticks? I do. These sticks were bundled up with twine for fire wood at $5 a bunch.
I love the colors of Indian corn but I also love the handwritten cardboard sign.
Pumpkins with warts.... and a goat with a toupee made the day memorable.
There was a lot of apple tasting along the way. I mean a lot. My husband takes the lead in this activity. He always acts like he is checking for flavor and texture, like it is a science. Funny.

I love TC's bun so much:) It's so good.
It was a warm fall day and unfortunately Peachy had to miss this outing as she had a swim team activity the same day. We missed her but she will be there for pumpkin picking.
The trees were bursting.
I'd love to know her thoughts.
We filled two large bags with an assortment of types of apples. I have been making cinnamon baked applesauce and apple crisp ever since. Literally, almost every other day I have been peeling and baking apples in some manner or other. I have even been giving applesauce away.
Technique is everything.
best, susie