Thursday, May 01, 2008

Twizzlers vs. RedVines

Hi Knitters,
Are you a Twizzler or a RedVine? Just checking. I got a two-for-one deal and I can't decide. Please chime in! This is important stuff.
More hats are flying off my needles for family members. I wish these new babies were being born in my family but we are all getting old around here. These two hats are for my sister-in-law's relatives having babies, lucky dogs. A boy and a girl are on the way.

The hats are made in Tahki Cotton Classic and the flower hat is a pattern that I will make available here in the near future. The blue stripey is just a variation on a variation from Itty-Bitty Hats. They were both a pleasure to knit. It never gets old.

Granny Square update: 52

I have been sewing the completed squares together with a simple whip stitch using the ends that I leave on at the end. At this point I would just about have a perfect baby blanket but I am determined to keep going to make a regular-sized blanket for big people. I have no deadlines so I can take my sweet time. Good times, the squares and me.

Are you tired of sweet peas yet? I'm not. I cranked these two teeny-tiny newborn sweet peas out for my sister's friend who is having twins, a girl and a boy. I can almost fit the two hats on my hand. I loved knitting up this pattern. What is it about sweet peas and babies going so well together? Love it and wish I could see the babies in the hats.

I got the sweetest (pea) email from Lucinda Guy the other day. She listened to the It's a Purl, Man podcast where I mentioned my love her designs and she wrote a note of thanks. I was touched. Lucinda has a new website, give it a look, it's cute.

Okay, one last non-knitting thing. I bought my daughter a new bandana the other day and it came with a tag that listed 50 craft uses for a bandana. My kids thought some of the uses were so funny and I thought you might enjoy them as well. I am not listing all 50, just a few favorites. Here it goes (with my comments in parentheses):

Hot pad (not smart and ouch!)

Measuring tool (but you'd have to measure it first to know)

Emergency diaper (what?) (yuck.) (for who?) (my kids' favorite use, of course)

Cover a cigar box for a purse (huh?)

Create a desk set (how?)

Guitar or purse strap (peace)

Make a girls skirt (with more than one, I hope)

Make a bikini (along the lines of the "skanky knitted bikini"-my favorite header ever from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee)

Wall hanging (?)

Curtain valance (no thanks)

Sew into a soft wallet (wow and peace, again)

Who knew, Knitters, who knew.
best, susie