Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is it Saturday already?

Hi Knitters,
Did you all have a week like I did? It was a blur. Madison added another 13.5-inches of snow on top of the 60-inches we already have had. Some of it had melted but there are mountains of snow everywhere you look. There was a snow day on Wednesday, which meant all four kids home and their friends. At one point I counted 12 kids at our house. That was fun. This kind of thing always throws a wrench in your plans. I guess we are setting new records with the snowfall here this winter. The mailboxes have to be shovelled out because the snow is covering them. The day after we got the new snow I went for a run and it was so beautiful and peaceful and sparkling, love it. I can't say that I mind the snow in fact I kind of enjoy the whole thing.

I still got some knitting done this week as was my goal. It is mainly work stuff so I don't have much to share. Above are two hats that I think people might be interested in. They are hats for my boys and they are made out of Cascade 220 held double. As soon as I get a chance I will make the pattern available. It is a good, quick and easy hat.

I have some news-type stuff I need to share. I will be in Minneapolis next Friday through Sunday at the CYCA Knit-Out 2008 at the one and only Mall of America. So here's the schedule:

7:00pm Friday, Feb. 15th:
I am attending Kristin Nicholas' presentation called the Joy of Color at the Textile Center of Minnesota. I am telling you if you are in the area you should really attend this. How often does an opportunity like this come our way to the midwest? Practically never! There is a beautiful downloadable poster available on Kristin's blog to paste up around Minneapolis yarn shops and anywhere else you see fit. Let's take advantage of this chance to see Kristin talk about color. Ooooh, I can't wait! Hope to see you there.

Saturday, Feb. 16th:
11:00am: I am doing a demonstration at the Sears' Court, Table G. This will be a 30 minute demonstration where I will share a few tricks.

11:30am: An Author's Forum on the Rotunda Stage is scheduled. This is hosted by Vickie Howell, of Knitty Gritty fame. She is so darn cute, it will be fun to meet her. Immediately following this short introduction of the authors attending the event, there will be tables set up to meet the authors and to get your book signed if you like.

3:00pm: Another Author's Forum is scheduled and immediately following is another meet and greet.

Sunday Feb. 17th:
10:00am: The Knit-Out opens.
11:30am: Demonstration in the Sears' Court, Table D.
12:00pm: Author's Forum on the Rotunda Stage followed by a final meet and greet.

I hope you come out to this great event. I had a comment on the last post from someone in Minneapolis and she said I am not on the schedule for the event. I checked and this is true, for some reason I am not on the schedule (bummer), but I really am going to be there!
There has been a great response to the Itty-Bitty Nursery trunk show. The samples are going to be all over the country, on the road, traveling to over 30 stores. When things get finalized I will post about the stores and places you can visit the trunk show. Thank you to every shop that responded, that is so fun. I think Jaime told me the show is already scheduled out for well over a year. Yay!

While all of my knitting is hitting the road, I need to be home de-junking my studio. The more I work, the more cluttered my shelves become. It is funny though, I actually know where everything is located. That's kind of sick. It needs a complete re-working to function better. I think if I just took a couple of days I could really make a difference in here. It just seems there is always something more pressing.Have you read on other blogs about the You Make My Day awards? This is a sweet, casual award that bloggers are giving out to each other where they list and link to the blogs that make their day on a regular basis. All of the blogs on my sidebar make my day all of the time so please check those out so they can make your day, too.

There are other blogs I enjoy and I am going to add onto my sidebar at some point soon. Here are a few of them:

iHanna-inspiring, sweet, colorful, creative, upbeat, pure fun
Hello Yarn-a recent enjoyment of mine-her new mitten kit is to die for (I want this kit big time), talent galore
In the Midst of It-reminds me of when my kids were all little and crafting kept my sanity, sweet to the core goodness
Wool Windings-generous, good-hearted, talent, charity knitter, hats aplenty, she knits bereavement gowns (which makes me feel like crying) which makes me a fan forever
The Plucky Knitter-talented yarn dyer, fun stories, fun to watch her talents grow and change
Be*mused-newish to me, great knitter, great looking blog and projects, quilter extraordinaire
Teruko-san-although I don't read Japanese, Sunny's pictures are the best, check out her flower paci-clip, too cute

There are many more blogs I could list and I will list them at some point soon. Thank you to all of these writers and knitters who inspire me to no end.

One last thing, did you see the White Witch Mittens by Laura Rintala? This is a free pattern from knittingdaily. I am making these for sure. I have been drooling over all of the stranded mittens out there lately. The white witch mittens are made out of Blue Sky Alpaca sportweight of which I have a ton. Mine will be different colors but I can't wait to start.

Have a good weekend, knitters.
best, susie