Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Hat for Little Man

Hi Knitters,
My nephew received a really cool hand-me-down jacket from my other nephew not too long ago. This jacket is perfect for him. It has a spider on the logo and many hidden pockets inside and on the sleeve. He is in heaven. He definitely needed a new hat to match.
I had some black Cascade 220 sitting around. I pulled the perfect matching orange and bright white from my Blue Sky Worsted Cotton stash for a couple small stripes. I whipped his hat up in a day.

On a sidenote, it is so funny but I had this idea for a pattern called, Man Hat, because I have been making so many simple hats for men lately. Then I was on the Ravelry main pattern page the other day and in the most popular projects is a hat called? You guessed it. Man Hat. I thought that was funny. Someone definitely beat me to it. That is a good hat if you are interested. I think it is ribbed. I need to get the pattern written up in proper form for my man hat and then come up with a different name. I have made four hats for big and little men so far this winter and I'm sure I'll do a few more. They are so fast and fun and appreciated.

Another sidenote, I am planning on whipping up a few more placemats this afternoon (fingers crossed once again) so I will take photos as I go. I am sorry for the delay on this tutorial as various knitting deadlines have gotten in the way. I've had a few requests.
He is a fun little guy. I lined the inside with a store-bought headband that I purchased at Jo-Ann's for a buck. I found a bunch of these in the bins by the check out aisle. I am going to use these again to line hats. This headband is gray and looks so smart. It is brutally cold around here and a little extra warmth is always welcome.
He loved his hat so much and I loved giving it to him. The excitement was high. He's a cute one with a lot of energy and personality! This little man provides loads of entertainment at our family gatherings. See that twinkle in his eye?

Have a super Wednesday everyone.
best, susie