Saturday, April 05, 2014

Fibre Space ~ Here we go!

Hi, Knitters,
I want to share the first day of my trip to Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia, with you. The travels were good although there was a bit of circling and minor delays due to visibility issues. Nothing major but I had to hightail it to my gate in Detroit because we landed quite a bit later than scheduled. The gates were really far apart but I made it fine.

Click here for the Fibre Space website!

I wore my 15 Colour Rainbow socks, the yarn is by Fab Funky Fibres on Etsy. It was such a gray, overcast and foggy kind of day that the bright socks made me happy.

On the plane I worked on my second sock in Regia Super Jacquard. I made pretty good progress.

 I could not believe how crowded Reagan National Airport was. It was so packed in the gate area when I got off the plane. It was difficult to get into the airport due to the crowding. The whole airport was super crowded. I was glad to get out of there.

During the second leg of my flight (I read during the first flight), I finished the cuff, knit the heel flap, turned the heel and finished the gusset. Now this should go really fast to the toe! I can't wait to wear this pair.

Danielle, the owner of Fibre Space, picked me up in her tiny Mini-Cooper car and I wasn't sure my two bags would fit but they did! She made it work.

 It was close to 60 degrees in Alexandria. I pulled out my spring coat and boy did that feel good. At home in Madison there were snow flurries. I ended up not even needing my coat for the walk to the shop. It was wonderful.

Old Town in Alexandria is so charming. You can walk everywhere. This brick park is right outside of my hotel window. The structure appears to have vines growing all over it which I'm sure in the summer is very beautiful.

I packed up to go to my book signing/meet and greet! I always bring my knitting just in case. Last night though I didn't have much time to knit. The meet and greet was great! I had a steady stream of friendly knitters who purchased and brought their books for me to sign. I loved meeting everyone. Thanks for coming if you were there.

Here are some photos from last night:

You should purchase from this shop. It's a good one to support. The vast array of unique and inspiring yarns is unmatched. Danielle, the owner, has curated an incredible amount of indie and commercial yarns. She is hard working and talented.

There's Danielle working so hard as usual.

Incredible sale bins! That's the signature mannequin. 

Unique spinning fibers.....

This table was filled to twice this size only hours before..... 

A gigantic collection of Brooklyn Tweed....

More unique homespun yarns!

A closer look (it's looking back at you!).

Brooklyn Tweed Loft. I want all of this!

More Plucky!

Skein from Australia! I really want to take some home.

Wall o' needles.

Okay, this Neighborhood Fiber Co. is driving me crazy I love it so much! 

The vibrancy is incredible and rich! This is a local to the shop dyer.

Look at the shelves and shelves of Neighborhood Fiber Co.  Danielle used to work in a different yarn shop with the dyer. She is loyal and supportive.

Spacious and well-organized!

I love the indie and the commercial yarns together. There is something for everyone.

The shop is bubbling over with samples. Isn't this cute? I have no idea what the pattern is called. I'll try to find out today.

I think one of these might come home with me. That is something like 1500 yards. I put my hand in there for scale. It is bigger than my head.

This one is my favorite color.

And maybe one of these for my sock darning.

Love it! Order one from the shop!

And maybe these should come home with me?

I am loving this rustic fiber. 

And maybe this could fit in my suitcase, too? I think I will bring some of this home. I will find out more today about this fiber.

The punch back there was pineapple and ginger! It was sooooo good and cold. I drank it all night at my signing. Ahhh, refreshing!

Ready to go!


Maureen, who took classes with me at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC brought her snowman to share with me! She is taking classes all day with me on Saturday. I love repeat students!

My buddy Greg and his beautiful daughter came to visit along with Greg's dad. Greg is a very active member of Itty-Bitty Knits (my forum group on Ravelry.) Greg is taking classes all weekend with me.

These are Greg's knits he brought on my request to share with me! He is such a great knitter, and fairly new, too.

Greg also brought his giraffe from my Not so Itty-Bitty Giraffe class on Craftsy. I love it!

Gotta run to class now! I'll take more photos today to share.

Miss you all! Have a super Saturday.
best, susie