Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh, Bunny!

Hi Knitters,
I have no business knitting this or posting today but when I finished up Oh, Bunny!, my new washcloth design, I simply could not wait to share it with you! I am so excited about this one. It is so darn cute. I will try to get the pattern typed up and available in a couple of days. I want you to be able to include it in your Easter basket knitting. Really, this one is my new favorite.

I am naming it Oh, Bunny! because that is exactly what I exclaimed when I finished it. I love it.
These Dove chocolate eggs are beginning to be a problem for me. I am going to start making other people eat them around here so I don't continue on. Dove chocolate eggs=the enemy. I think those shades of blue foil are so beautiful. I just like to look into that bowl.

I have a list a mile long to tell you all about but not today. I need to thank a couple of people for sweet, sweet gifts for my girls and to share some new top-notch links and a new pattern I just bought today. So much to share but not enough time. I have this book thing that needs some editing which means I need to stop having so much fun for a few days and buckle down.

Please keep posting comments to the Easter Egg Washcloth yarn giveaway! You have until Sunday, March 8th to enter.

Love to you, dear Knitters.
best, susie