Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Aboot Time

Hi Knitters,
Don't you just want to sink your cold feet into these topped off boots? I do and I can now that I made Kristin Nicholas' Boot Toppers for myself.
These boot toppers are ingenious. Why didn't I think of that? They even make my old beat-up boots look kind of cute. What a quick and easy project that is especially great for a beginner fair isle starter. The pattern is found in Kristin Knits which you can order directly from her blog.
After seeing Kristin's samples in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to show like she did how a bit of simple duplicate stitch can change the look of your project dramatically. The teal ring of stitches around the diamonds literally took minutes to add and the drama factor goes way up. Love that embroidery!
I knitted these on US size 7 dpns and I used Kristin's own yarn, Julia. I adore this yarn, it is rich and lush. I used different colors than in the book samples. The cool thing is that with the color range that Julia offers you can basically combine any shades and come up with a beautiful project. It is made easy for you.
The ribbed section slips right into your boot and then you fold the fair isle section over the top. My daughter wants a pair for her Ugg boots. The Uggs have a much larger opening at the top. I will go up to a US size 9 when I make some for her.
Happy feet!
best, susie