Thursday, December 02, 2010

She's Got a Way With Crochet

Edited to add on Dec. 4th, 2010: The contest for BBC is closed! No more entries are being taken. Thanks to everyone for entering.

Hi Knitters (and hopefully crocheters today),
I am thrilled to be included on Robyn Chachula's official blog tour for her new book called, Baby Blueprint Crochet. I met Robyn briefly one time at TNNA in the green (hotel) room for Knit and Crochet Now. She was pregnant and adorable and oh so friendly and helpful as she was working for the show at that time. I am sure Robyn wouldn't remember meeting me but I was clearly impressed with her.

Here's my two cents on Robyn. Robyn is one the cutest people in this industry, hands-down, she is smart, friendly, cheerful, uber-talented and fun. Robyn is one of the crochet experts on the PBS show Knit and Crochet Now and I love watching her segments. Her personality shines right through and it is just a joy to watch her in her crochet element. She is an expert on visual crochet or crochet using symbols and charts and her teaching and explaining of the charted crochet makes it seem incredibly easy.

Check out these fantastic links, sites, interviews, project and books to learn more about Robyn:
Robyn on Ravelry! (check out all of her designs)
Robyn's interview on Marly's podcast, Yarn Thing! This is a great interview and a fun listen.

All in all this young woman and mother is a pleasant talent. She has style, personality, smarts, serious teaching chops and the dedication needed to pull together a fantastic book like this. I love to crochet and looking at her book and reading the instructional section (which is crystal clear and easy), makes me want to delve into crochet even more.

The book is beautifully crafted and the projects are beyond charming to say the least. Here are a few of my favorites although I love all of the projects in the book.
I mean.... what more needs to be said about these boots? Maybe just that they are made in Spud & Chloƫ Fine which totally rocks. I love these little boots. I would be so proud if I made these.
I so want to make this blanket. I find it completely sweet and inviting. Every baby should have this blanket in my opinion.
Crocheted baby socks? Why not? Aren't these squishy looking? I bet these little socks work up at the speed of lightening.
Okay, you all know I have a thing for anything "pea pod" but really, look at these Pea Pod Sliders!!! I don't even know what to say. They are awesome and so charming. Robyn, you are on fire with these designs!
I think crocheting a few of these little bibs would make one of the best baby gifts ever. You would be the hit of any baby shower.

Again, Robyn's specialty is visual crochet. She breaks things down to make it super easy. She teaches you step by step how to read the charts and symbols. She makes it easy! This book has the best instructional crochet section I have ever seen. Honestly.

You have to get this book if you have any interest in learning to crochet or if you already know how to crochet. It is a great resource. There are lots and lots of sweaters, dresses, an elephant mobile (incredibly cute!), a robot toy, a diaper cover, cardigans, vests, a hat or two, colorwork, striping.... I am sure there is more.

I don't know if I am supposed to offer a giveaway with this book but I am going to anyway. I'll take care of the details later. That's how much I like this one. If you would like a copy of Baby Blueprint Crochet please leave a comment on this blog post. Do not email me to enter, please, and also leave your Ravelry Id or your email address so I can get in touch. Only enter one time, please.

I will pick a winner very quickly this time because I have a lot to get up on my blog. I am so backlogged with stuff to get up on here, running behind schedule as always. I will pick a winner later tomorrow or Saturday at the latest so be sure to check back.

Interweave is making more and more fantastic crafting books! I am a big huge fan. Thanks for letting me talk about Robyn's new crochet book.
best, susie