Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Gotta Pair

Hi Knitters,
I finally have a pair of completed Vesper socks. That was a long time coming. I finished a single Sweet Water Vesper stockinette sock last summer and the second sock has not even been started. The reason for this is beyond me.
This particular colorway is called Knit and Tonic, I am assuming to pay homage to the wonderful Wendy and her fantastic blog. I like this colorway enormously and I don't have any socks that are similar.
I thought to push that basketball out of the picture but as it is a permanent fixture in my living room I decided to just leave it there. This is the way my house is all of the time, a little messy and heavily lived in. If you can't beat'em, join'em!

Ah, sweet Vesper. My daughter is the foot model for these shots but the socks are now on my feet. Wool socks are still in need around here. My husband, aka the weatherman, has just informed me over breakfast that this Saturday morning we will wake to the balmy temperature of 7 below. I know you are all jealous of that.

I have a few more new and fun personal projects on the needles I hope to finish up and share over the next week. Of course, I will probably be casting on a new sock or two...

best, susie