Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fat Robin - New on Petite Purls

Hi Knitters,
I have a brand new free toy pattern up this morning on Petite Purls. I have a long enduring love of robins in the springtime in Wisconsin. The first sighting of a robin in our yard is a yearly event we look forward to.

Here is my story behind this fun new design:

Every spring I anxiously wait for the robins to appear. I feel like it is a true sign that spring is coming and we desperately need spring in our cold Wisconsin climate.

One day I was out for a run when I came across a neighborhood park. Sitting in the grass was the largest group of robins I have ever seen, maybe 20 or so just sitting there. I stopped in my tracks and soaked it in for a while. This really inspired me to get going on designing a robin which was something I have always wanted to do. The other aspect of robins which I love are their gorgeous tiny blue eggs. I had to include a few of these in the design as well.

Fat Robin got its name because my kids and I always comment when we see a fat robin with "That's a fat Robin!" The fatter the better for us. When my daughter picked up the Fat Robin she said, "Awwww." Then she turned it over, saw the eggs tucked under the wings and exclaimed, "Ohhhhhhhhhh!!" That pretty much sums it up. Of course, every robin needs a place to sit so I whipped up an accompanying nest.

The sweet blue eggs are the best part. They get tucked under the wing/tail overlay for safe keeping and easy storage.

The entire toy is knit in Spud & Chloƫ Sweater.
The robin is knit in one piece in the round from the bottom to the top of the head.
The wing/tail piece is knit in one piece from the top down.
With a few quick and easy stitches to attach the wing/tail piece to the body you are done. There is little finishing and only two parts to the robin. It's a very simple toy design.
This is my favorite part. Tucking the eggs under the wings is the best.
The nest is also knit in one piece. I made up this fringe stitch which is worked in as you go.
The simplicity, the interactive element and my love of robins in general make this toy a special one.

best, susie