Thursday, June 14, 2012

6am Balm

Hi Knitters,
I goofed this morning about the swim team schedule and woke TC up out of a cozy sleep at 6am instead of 6:20am. That may not seem like much but those 20 minutes can make all the difference when you are twelve and tired. She was a very good sport about it though and I even got her to take a couple of photos before leaving for practice.

The shawl, after blocking, is just so much fun. The handspun yarn is light as air and drapey. Luckily for me it has been a bit cooler these past couple of days so I have been wearing it around my house while I've been knitting away on work projects. The Balm to the Soul has basically been keeping me company while I work.

Here are a few more 6am shots of my first handspun shawl. To me it is a beauty and I am in love. I want to knit bunches of shawls out of handspun now. Hopefully that can happen.

Balm to the Soul Shawlette, by Jaala Spiro
Handspun yarn, roving in Wintersong by Sunshine Yarns 

Now it's 9am and I'm off to dig and sort through hundreds of tutorial photos for my book. The morning glow has ended and I have to get to some serious work ahead.
best, susie