Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spud & Chloë at the Farm is here!

(photo by Liz Banfield)

Hi Knitters,
Yesterday my new book became available! That's an exciting day. Your local yarns shops, book shops and the bigger chain book stores and online booksellers have books either available or on the way right now. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and thanks to those who are picking up a copy now that it is available.

Click here to see the Mother Hen and Chicks project in the photo.

(photo by Liz Banfield)

The Mother Hen and Chicks project is one of my favorites in the book. The mama hen lifts up and nests the little chicks right underneath her feathers. Her body is like a hat, it is hollow inside. The eggshells are removable, too. This little chicken set has a lot of interactive options which I love. I love a toy that does something.

I have a lot of people who want to knit the entire Spud & Chloë at the Farm set. I think a knit-a-long for the book is in store. I'll keep you posted if you'd like to join in.

Here is the Spud & Chloë yarn requirement to make every project (there are 13!) in the book:
Color # Hanks

Toast 3
Firecracker 3
Splash 2
Ice Cream 7
Root Beer 3
Watermelon 1
Firefly 2
Pollen 2

The following 3 colors are for the buckets and only a small amount is needed:
Grass 1
Popsicle 1
Moonlight 1

Fine (piglets):
Tutu 1
Sassafras 1

Outer (hay bales):
Cornsilk 2

Okay, back to some TC crafting news. TC is bringing back the old gum wrapper chains! She is using printed paper cut in strips instead of gum wrappers. I used to love this craft in the old days when gum came in sticks with the paper wrapper over the foil wrapper. Now it is hard to find gum packaged like this. My favorites were Double Mint, Juicy Fruit and the best ever, Fruit Stripe Gum (was there a zebra involved in this brand?). Do you remember buying gum just to get the wrappers? I do.

TC has made lots of bracelets like this. Our crafty neighbor makes these chains out of Starburst wrappers. I think I shared a headband she made with her Starburst chains.

Click here to see a video on how to make a wrapper chain.
TC also has been covering these boxes with decorative paper and flowers. The box we purchased at Joann's. Inside the box 6 tiny cylinders nested. TC covered those, too.
I think the flowers and paper are from an American Girl paper set. The box is going to be used for a gift and the cylinders are housing some of my notions like yarn needles and stitch holders.
What a cheerful little project. I don't even know how she did it because I didn't watch her as she worked. It sure is neat and tidy though. I know I saw some glue and scissors were involved.
Here is another friendship bracelet TC made for a friend. She chose rainbow colors for this one.

I finished those Spud & Chloë stripey socks I started awhile ago. I will post more about them on the Spud says! blog but I wanted to share them with you, too. I am not writing up a pattern for these because they were inspired by a pair of socks knit by someone else.

Anyway, I love the end result and so does TC. I started knitting more socks because TC has been raiding my handknit sock collection this past winter but now she has her eye on these, too. It may be a lost cause.

By the way, someone's legs are quickly getting longer....

I love the heel gusset and the mismatched toes. What a great pair of socks and what fabulous yarn (Spud & Chloë Fine).

I've been doing a tiny bit of spinning but not much. I really need more hours in the day, don't you? I think that is every knitter's wish.
best, susie