Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hi Knitters,
Indulge me a bit, if you can. I have a few more fall pictures. I love it when I pick up my camera and there are pictures on it that my son took. He took the first few shots I am posting. Here is one of our pumpkins waiting to be carved. Tomorrow is the day for that. My kids don't have school on Thursday and Friday of this week. I always look forward to the October break.
Our neighbor sets up a graveyard and scattered creepy characters in his front yard. The Collector has made some new friends apparently. Oh I have to tell you about the brown hoodie with the sherpa. I rarely shop for clothes, not for me or the kids. The Collector wears a ton of hand-me-downs from my generous sister who does like to shop. She gets the cutest stuff from my sister's girls. She does a way better job than I would anyway.

Anyway, new clothes were really needed around here for everyone. Those legs are growing. I have been busy with work stuff so I had a catalog that came from Mini-Boden. I ordered a few items for The Collector that we picked out together and everything is a big success. I recommend this company, all of the clothes are fantastic, cute, fun and high quality. Most importantly, The Collector loves them. I will be a repeat customer. Check it out if you are looking for easy, successful shopping for your kids.
Pumpkin carving and raking are in order over the next couple of days. We have lots of big trees in our yard and it is a ton of work in the fall. The kids love raking and jumping in the piles.

Oh, I have so much to share I can't even remember it all. I made this applesauce (it is excellent) and I am making these pumpkin seeds after we carve. Now I just saw Betz's new book is up for pre-order. Wow, what a cover, I am so excited for this one. What a fun surprise for the day.
Now on to some pattern indulgence. I have to order this pattern and make these right away. I have a thing for two separates that become one. I think it is clever every time. The flower mittens are in the Webs' catalog and are designed by Kirsten Hipsky. Good work, Kirsten. You can get the pattern here.  The mittens use bulky yarn and 10.5 dpns. I'm definitely knitting these mittens when I get a break from work. The Plum Blossom Mittens would make a perfect and fast gift.
How cute is this pin cushion? I think it is so sweet. Talk about a perfect gift, nothing is better than a pear pin cushion in my book. You can get the pattern here. I can't wait to whip some of these up. The pattern includes a pear, a tomato, an apple and a strawberry. I love them all but the pear is my favorite.
My fall Knitscene has been permanently creased and opened to this page. What a great sweater. It is called the Nubby Cardigan and is designed by Deborah Newton.  The sample is knit in Nashua Handknits Natural Ecologie Wool. Gorgeous and snuggly and I want to knit one. I wouldn't knit it in yellow but I have nothing better in mind yet.

I have plans, people. My lists are growing fast. I know I am dreaming.
Here is another one I have to make and another one you might have to make.
Have a good Wednesday, Knitters.
best, susie