Sunday, April 09, 2017

Flower Fairy & Leaf Sprite Kits!

Hi, Knitters,
How are you all doing this weekend? Things are going well around my house. Everyone seems to be at a good place in their respective jobs and schools. This is always comforting to see as a parent. I have been hard at work on a few new projects, and I've been revamping a few older projects as well. That's always satisfying.

So I wanted to bring some new to life the little Flower Fairy & Leaf Sprite project I designed for Carrie Bostick Hoge's first issue of Making Magazine. I decided to put together a fantastic kit for this sweet little project over on Barrett Wool Co.

To start, I reknit the project in our Wisconsin Woolen Spun Sport Weight yarn and it was a complete delight to dive into it. I absolutely loved knitting every piece of this set again. The pattern is really good and clear if I do say so myself. Sometimes you never know when a pattern is tech-edited and reformatted to fit another publication how it's going to end up. This one is good!

The only thing I did differently this time around is that I went down a needle size. The pattern recommends a US size 4 needle and I used a US size 3. You might want to take note of this if you get a kit. I also steamed all of the parts with my iron after they were finished. With the Woolen Spun yarn steaming really helps to open up and make the yarn bloom so nicely. It makes a difference.

The custom box fits the six skeins and colors of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarn perfectly. After you knit the toys they could be kept in the box or it could be used as a gift box, too. It is so sweet. That's my artwork patterning the top and sides of the box. I love the box so much. 

You can get the kit with or without the pattern if you already own the magazine or the pattern.

Please note that any purchases over on Barrett Wool Co. from April 9-16th will be sent out on April 17, 2017!

Here are some more photos of the kit:

These are some of the sweetest toys I have ever designed. I love how the fairies fit so perfectly in the little pockets. There is so much imaginative play that could be done with them. 

Again, please note that any purchases over on Barrett Wool Co. from April 9-16th will be sent out on April 17, 2017.

Also, we will be fully stocked again on Barrett Wool Co. very shortly! We are so excited and I have some wonderful things coming up over the next few weeks. Can't wait to share more. 

Alright, my loves! Have a super Sunday. I plan on getting a lot of knitting done today but I also have some new books lined up on my Kindle and that sounds pretty nice, too. I'd love to hear how you are doing and what you are working on lately.
xo ~ susan