Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Drawer

Hi, Knitters,
In the past I have had people request to see my handknit sock drawer. I have never shared the inside of my dresser drawers before but the other day I was folding some freshly washed handknit socks to put back in my sock drawer and the sunlight was hitting just right and I stepped back and took a moment. I thought about how pretty all of the handknit socks look together and what kind of hours of knitting and pleasure went into creating the fine collection I have today. There is a lot of yarn and years of knitting and living combined in here. 

Now, not only is there one pull-out drawer but....

there is another....

.... and both drawers are deep and double-layered with more handknit socks hiding underneath.

To make things even better, the dresser belonged to my beautiful mother.

It's all a treasure to behold.

best, susie