Saturday, December 08, 2007

Utopia Hat Alert

Hi Knitters,
I started this yesterday evening and look what I already have this morning. The pattern is called the Utopia Hat designed by S.M. Kahn and it is a free pattern found here. It is a wonderful pattern.
I knitted on US size 8 sixteen inch circular needles and dpns. The yarn is some fun stuff I picked up in New York a couple of springs ago at Seaport Yarn. It is Lobster Pot Yarn which is hand dyed in a lobster pot and hung to dry in the salt air of Cape Cod (this is straight off the label). That sounds good to me! The colors of this yarn are vibrant and rich, it is a mohair/wool blend. The colorway I used is called Lobster Boil (don't you love that?) and it is a rich coral color. It is a worsted weight yarn. You can also buy this yarn here.
If you decide to knit this hat let me give you a couple of pointers. I had read somewhere else that the hat is a little short but I didn't listen. I don't enjoy a hat that won't cover your ears and sit low on your brow. Well, it's true, this hat came out too short even after I added a half-inch before the cable pattern started. I had to fix mine by picking up on the cast on edge and knitting 2 solid inches to make a turned up brim to remedy the shortness. It looks cute but let me suggest another solution.
I would work in the k1, p1 rib for 1 inch at the start. Then instead of 3 repeats of both the lower half cable pattern and the upper half cable pattern I would do 4 repeats of each. This should add enough length to make it a comfortable length hat. I never know if people like a shorter hat or if it is an error in the pattern or if it is just the way hats fit different people. Who knows, but this is one element I always check. If a hat is too short in the end it simply won't be worn.
I think I will add a fleece lining and possibly a small pom or tassel on a string (or two). I'll keep you posted.
I think I will knit this one again for sure. The Utopia Hat is fast, easy and great looking. It is a fantastic looking cable pattern. Good work, S.M. Kahn.
Happy Saturday!
best, susie
p.s. Check this out. Dani is a knitting wonder. Oh yeah, I have to show you the yarn she dyed for me.