Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hi Knitters,
Okay, I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds. The new winner of the Knitting Daily DVDs, as selected by the random number generator early this morning, is:

oiyi said...
I have been wondering about that series. I just got a portable DVD player so it would be nice to watch it after the baby is asleep. You always have the best give aways!
Sept. 16, 2008

Oiyi, yay! I am glad you came up as a winner. I will happily send your prize. You have to contact me by Thursday, Sept. 25th and give me your mailing address. My email is on the sidebar.  I am sorry to Mary for missing out but I have to follow through with the guidelines I set.

See those mangled looking apples above? The Collector brought those into the house the other day, not sure where they are from exactly. She is calling them Witch Apples. I love that. I am also not sure what we are supposed to be doing with them. Witch Apples...that's good.

That book is good, too, A Job for Wittilda. I love seasonal picture books, they really set the mood around the house. It's about a little witch trying to earn some extra cash to feed her cats so she tries out different occupations. Chaos ensues and it's very funny.
I just knitted up a Pear Apple Cozy for my daughter to bring to school each day. She loves an apple a day but not a Witch Apple:  ) What a great little cozy to throw in a backpack every day, so much better than using a baggie. I think I've made about a dozen pear apple cozies so far. They are a great gift.  Don't forget the cozy is a perfect yarn cake holder, too.

Our neighbor was over playing and drew those beautiful butterflies in our community sketch book. Excellent.
Do any of you have this toy set? It's a good one and I recommend it highly. Plus it's on sale on that link. I wish I had gotten it on sale but we've had it for quite awhile now.
It has magnets so the scoops stick to the scooper and cone. You can stack 3 scoops pretty easily. This is a clever, clever set. Grandmas everywhere need this one. I want to make a knitted version.

Along those lines, look at this one. I looove that pattern and I have to make a few of those at some point. Good work, Marcie.

Okay, off to work I go. Knit, knit, knit, stuff, stuff, stuff, sew, sew, sew.....sigh.
best, susie