Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi Knitters,
So I looked up how to say finished in different languages and thought the Japanese version was particularly beautiful. When I translated the Japanese version back to English it said, "Fixed in it." I like that version in English, too. I am fixed in it with the Opal socks!

I am happy to say that I have finished the Opal Schafpate III - der Wanderschäfer #5096 socks. I love the way this yarn striped up with the speckling, stripes and colors. They are so fresh looking and different. I have decided to give this pair away to my sister-in-law.

I made her a pair of stockinette socks a couple of years ago. It was funny because I never heard much of anything about them. I gave them to my brother to give to her so I didn't actually hand the gift over directly. I really didn't even know if she liked or wore them. Then about a year later she casually mentioned that the handknit socks were her favorite socks she had ever owned. I was thrilled to hear this. She just loved, wore and washed them constantly. Then this winter she sadly mentioned that her well-loved socks now had holes. I knew I had to knit her a new pair. These will be perfect.

With my new found love of Opal sock yarn, I quickly snagged another ball from the Sow's Ear a couple of weeks ago. It is in the Opal Vincent Van Gogh collection. They put his painting the colors are inspired by on the label along with a photo of the finished sock so you can see the patterning. I think it is more fun to not see the patterning beforehand and just dive in and be surprised. I like the colors in this new ball a lot.

The Sow's Ear has a big shelf dedicated to Opal sock yarn if you are interested. It was hard to choose they all look so enticing. I've decided that I am going to try to have a pair of Opal socks on the needles at all times this year. That should be a fun and fairly easy challenge.

After I finished the Opal socks, I took the empty needles and immediately cast on to start the ribbing on an exciting new indie dyed sock yarn that I'll tell you more about later. To me the most exciting part of finishing a pair of socks is deciding what to cast on next. This new pair is going to be bright, colorful and fun.

Oh, and the mug from the last post? Starbucks. I bought it a few years ago during the holiday season and haven't seen them since.

Happy Sunday, Knitters. Have a good start to the week coming up, too.
best, susie