Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night Special

Hi Knitters,
My son picked the winner last night, which was Friday, and here is the winning post:  

mary said...
Hi Susan,
I met you last winter in Holland Michigan at Tree House books and have read your blogs ever since and passed them on to friends.  I've been recently laid off from the builder I work for and would love to watch something educational and entertaining.
Sept. 17, 2008

Yay for Mary! Now you have until Monday, Sept. 22nd to email me your mailing address. My email is on the sidebar. Thank you to everyone for entering the contest. I am glad to send the DVDs on to another knitter to enjoy.

Now for some knitting stuff. My girls' piano teacher loaned me this sweet knitting booklet her mom found. Thank you for sharing, Amy, you are a love. It is from 1953 and is a Coats & Clark publication. I love this kind of stuff, old stuff, so much and I thought you might get a kick out of it, too. Above is the matching mom and baby bed jacket. Did people really wear bed jackets in the 50's? It's funny because that's exactly how I looked when I had a new baby in bed with me. The resemblance is uncanny. How did that happen?
I have a few things to share with you amongst the Red Heart baby yarn ad. Isn't that a great page? Okay, what happened to the Knitting Friends site? Does anyone know? I took the link off of my sidebar because it never worked when you clicked on it. I miss that site because I used to jump around to different blogs from there. I loved it. I hope it comes back or gets fixed or is it just me?
How good are these patterns? I love the whole matching hat/scarf, sweater, mitten set for boys and girls. Everyone was so pulled together back then, all shiny and perfect. 

I ran across a couple of cute hat patterns for you to see here and here. These are ravelry links so if you haven't signed up for ravelry you really need to do it. Even if you just use it as a resource it is more than worth it, a million times over. There is a fun group of Itty Bitty Knits knitters over there and they are a smart, nice group. There is a constant sharing of projects and ideas and support on this group. It is a positive collection of knitters. I just started a thread on the discussion page for people to ask me questions or just to say hi. I have been checking it frequently so I can respond in a quick manner. Please join if you are at all interested. I'd love to see you over there.
See that boy on the rocking horse? My brother's hair used to look like that every single day when he was growing up. In fact, it still does, it's pretty impressive.

I received the sweetest email from Alice Hyche the other day just as I was finishing a bunny tail with her pom-pom tool, no kidding. Seriously, you have to check her out. She is the creator of the Pom Tree, one of my favorite tools and the link to order is always on my sidebar. I did a video demo of the pom tree here, if you are interested. I guess she has gotten lots of orders that have come through this blog and she recently has had some trouble with PayPal. Well, I asked if I could share her email, that's easier:
Dear Susan,
I am enjoying your posts every day I think your knitting skills are much to be admired. I check every day on the utube how to make a pompom to see how many hits it has gotten. I'm so impressed. My pay pal way of taking orders has been out of order for several months, someone took my password and no one could order the pom tree. Several of your knitters tried to order and could not get through pay pal, so they scrolled down on the web site, called me first and filled out an order blank, sent a check and I mailed them a pom tree by return mail. All, to my pleasure, have been very pleased with my product. I always ask them where they heard about the pom tree and they happily tell me they saw it on your blog. I have gotten orders from 18 states, of course it has only been from one or two people, but isn't it wonderful for you to know how widespread your blog contacts are. Thank you very much for your kindness in telling needlecrafters about my pom tree. Please let them know they can now order through pay pal. I am an 82 year old retired public school teacher trying to keep my mind active by working with my crochet and my pom tree. Both are a major part of my mission projects.
Thanks again, and my your business always be blessed. You are one of my favorite online people. Keep on blessing everyone with your knitting skills.
Alice Hyche

Now Knitters, I can only hope I make it to 82 years old, and I can only hope I am as creative and active as Alice. I think it is wonderful to send support her way. If you are interested in ordering the Pom Tree, please order through her. It is very reasonably priced and her husband makes the Pom Trees for her. How sweet is that? She is a wonderful example for us.
My Sweet Bee turned 15 years old yesterday. How can that be true? It makes me proud, happy and a little sad at the same time. I am lucky to be his mom.

Knit on.
best, susie
p.s. Here are a couple more cool links.  Triple love them both.