Sunday, November 23, 2008

Itty Bitty Podcast Episode 2

Hi Knitters,
Episode 2 of the Itty Bitty Podcast is up and running. We did not end up switching servers. The link is here and I will also keep it up top on my sidebar. If you click on the link you can listen right on your computer. 

The podcast is also up on itunes under Itty Bitty Podcast. I am a one-take wonder and that's probably how it will stay for now. I just like to talk about knitting and patterns and yarn and designers. If I had to do too much editing and technical stuff the recording would most likely not happen. I had fun talking about these patterns and ideas and I hope you get some gift knitting ideas from my ideas.

In this episode I have pulled together 20 (or more) knitted gift ideas. Some of these gifts I have made before and some I plan on making soon. I hope you enjoy it.
Here are the links:
Mini Mittens ravelry
Mini Stockings and Mittens from Christmas Stockings
Wow, that's a lot to look at. Have fun. If you do listen, thanks for listening.
best, susie