Friday, November 06, 2009

Lakeside Fibers Getaway

Hi Knitters,
I am on the road now but my first event was a hometown affair. I packed up my trunk show and The Collector and we headed off to the ever-beautiful Lakeside Fibers. I didn't get any good photos during the event because it was a busy signing, which is a good thing. The Collector and I took a few photos at the very end when things were winding down.

The two ladies sitting behind me were so incredibly cute. They got to the event right at the start and we chatted and I signed their books. Then they sat right behind me and the entire time they went page by page through the book and discussed every project and what yarn they were going to use. The woman on the left used her iphone and looked up all of the yarns and their availability. Every once in awhile I would chime into their conversation. I got a big kick out of them.
I did snap this shot earlier. This little guy loved the toys. I glanced over and saw that he had quietly placed the Finger Foods on his fingers and was just loving it. I loved that he did that on his own like that. I asked his mom if I could take his picture and then he looked a little worried when I snapped the shot but he had a good time. I enjoyed seeing kids come by and place their toy orders as they went down the table.

I always have a good time at Lakeside. The Collector ordered dinner and we always get the lemonade at Lakeside. It is so yummy and tart and fizzy. You have to try it. The ladies sitting behind The Collector were funny. One didn't knit (but she places knitting orders to her friends:) and the other was having trouble with her double-pointed needles. I did a brief demonstration for her and gave her a couple of tips but she didn't seem convinced. Really it just boils down to practicing, that's my biggest tip. They came along with my friend Ramona, who I just love. She is so supportive and fun and it was really good to see her. She sends me fun emails with links all the time. Keep it coming!
Lots more long-time friends and knitting acquaintances showed up. I am so appreciative of their effort to come and visit me. These are the knitters who show up at every local event I have and it is touching.

This little sweetheart has a wonderful knitting mother who I've known for years. In fact, I hosted a knitting baby shower for her at the shop I used to work at (everyone knit squares and then I sewed them into a blanket for her) and then she went into labor later that same day. Five years later here she is at my knitting event. I loved how she is holding the book in her bag. Her mom emailed me later that she has placed her orders for about every toy in the book. Get busy, Renee! Christmas is right around the corner. Renee sends me great emails with cool links, too. Gotta love friends like that.
I was honored to have two famous Madison-based knitters attend the event. Carol Rududu is a fabulous knitter and she brought her fantastic version of The Chubby Bunny (pattern in Itty-Bitty Nursery) which I had seen on Ravelry. I was happy to see it in person. I love how the toys take on different personalities. She pointed out how little ones love to put their fingers in the rings. She won a Bobby award on Ravelry for her fair-isle leggings/tights. You have to jump over (click on her name above) and check those out and the rest of her projects. You will be impressed by her knitting. The leggings are really incredible.

Along with Carol was TECHknitter and the two of them are Madison knitting friends. She was fun to meet and so interested and genuine. She is in the Ravelry Hall of Fame for most educational knitter and most educational Ravelry member. That's quite impressive. Her Ravelry page is here and her fantastic technique blog is here. Check them both out.

They were friendly and warm and fun and it was great to meet and chat with these women in person.
The Collector was worn out by the end of the night. See, we really enjoyed that lemonade. She had a lot of people asking if she was The Collector. She always looks down and says yes. It's cute.
This is the most fun trunk show to bring along because it is an interactive toy-laden table. Everyone smiles and touches and tries everything.
That woman standing at the table asked The Collector for her autograph, too, very sweet. I am glad I got to witness her first book signing:) This same woman was so fun, she just fell in love with the toys. In fact, I think she was just at the shop and stumbled upon my event. The toys won her over.

Anyway, I am deeming this event a good and fun success. Thank you, as always, to Lakeside Fibers for hosting me. Make sure you stop by this Madison treat of a yarn shop and cafe. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

I'll check back in soon, Knitters.
best, susie