Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mouse from Down Under

Hi Knitters,
How cute is this little mousie? I received this photo and email yesterday and I asked Mekaela if I could share it with you all. She said sure. Don't you love the swing? Here is the note that came with the photo:

I recently purchased your book "Ity Bitty Nursery"
Just want to say thankyou for re kindling my love for knitting.
I had so much fun with the mouse but as I had not knitted in the round before it did take me quite some time.
Had to do a  project for our school fete and came up with this idea, thought you might like to see.
Looking forward to the new book.
Mekaela Ferrero


I wrote her back to ask what a school fete was. She told me it is like a fair and fundraiser for the school. I hope the garden mouse found a new home and made some money for the school. Also, the fact that this was Mekaela's first project for knitting in the round should inspire some new double-pointed needle users to give it a try. It is so much easier than it looks. Thanks for sharing your creativity with me, Mekaela. I love getting project photos from knitters, never hesitate to share your work with me.

The pattern for the mouse is in Itty-Bitty Nursery  and is a part of the Garden Mice Mobile. i designed the mice to specifically work as stand alone knitted toys or to be used in the mobile. i think it is great that people are knitting the mice on their own.

I am having quite a week. As my mom would say, what a world. On top of it all our main computer has completely melted down with all of my stuff on it. I am writing this post from our lap top which is nothing short of feisty and is missing the "k" key. It really bothers me because I guess I use the letter "k" a lot what with this being a "k"nitting blog and all.

I'll be back soon hopefully with a computer solution underway.
Have a beautiful Wednesday, Knitters.
best, susie