Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Startup Library Knitting on Craftsy & ZK Retreat 2017

Hi, Knitters,
I am so proud and excited to announce my newest Craftsy class today called Startup Library Knitting! Craftsy has started a new class series that are truly for the beginner. There are Startup Library classes in sewing, baking, watercolors, weaving, cake decorating, embroidery, and now knitting. Last May I spent a week at the Craftsy studio filming this new class.

I am offering a 50% off affiliate link to anyone interested in giving the class a try. 

I know that many of you already know how to knit or you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. But many of you, I'm sure, get asked to teach or teach others how to knit. If you are looking for a resource to recommend to new knitters or you want to get ideas for teaching new knitters this class will be a great resource. I really start from scratch and it is divided up so you can click on specific techniques for a quick view or refresher. 

Click on play to see the preview trailer for the Startup Library Knitting class!

It's like a dictionary for new knitters. You can quickly and easily look up any technique at a glance. I also have included three easy starter projects and patterns in the class, a pair of fingerless mitts, a textured cowl and a stripey hat. All of these are packed with important techniques for a new knitter to learn. 

After taking this class the new knitter will truly be ready to move on to other and more advanced projects. After viewing the class yesterday I can truly say that it is really well done and well organized. 

For another topic today, last weekend Barrett Wool Co. traveled to Rochester, Minnesota to vend for the first time. Megan and Amy, of the Stockinette Zombies podcast, were hosting their 5th annual Zombie Knitpocalypse Retreat. There were 200 attendees. It's a well-run and fun retreat that I can highly recommend. I started the weekend on Friday night as the guest speaker which was really fun.  

Then early Saturday morning we set up our Barrett Wool Co. booth for the first time. We had such a good time and we learned so much from this experience. It was a great place to start because the market was open for two hours in the morning just for retreat attendees and then there was a closed lunch break and then the market re-opened and included free admission for the public for two hours in the afternoon. 

It was fast and furious! Our booth was absolutely swamped the entire time. People were incredibly enthusiastic about Barrett Wool Co. yarns and seeing them in person for the first time. We had all 16 colors of our Home Collection yarns and a lot of our Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns. It all flew off the shelves. 

My business partner and son, Evan, and his wife, Molly (formerly known as Miss Molly) were there checking people out and packaging up purchases in our signature printed bags. They did a great job and were so happy with the event. It was fun to have them with me. It was really a whirlwind of the best kind!

We brought along some Branches & Buds sweater kits in our Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns and a few of them didn't sell so they are back up and available in the shop. These go really quickly so if you are interested hop on over and snag one for yourself. 

Here Molly is modeling the gorgeous Branches & Buds sweater! It is a winner, both fun to knit and even better to wear.

I'll be back soon with more, Knitters. I hope you are all doing well.
xo, susan