Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vacation Knitting

Hi, Knitters,
I am off enjoying a lovely vacation with my family and my sister and her family this week so I am only briefly checking in today.

At the same time I am enjoying my family I am enjoying a bit of fun vacation knitting as well. I will fill you in on all of the details when I get back. In the meantime the sock yarn is Opal Vincent Van Gogh in Schlafzimmer in Arles and the shawl is called Pop Spots. The shawl is knit in Madeline Tosh Sock Yarn in Tart and Madeline Tosh Feather in  Tidal Basin. The shawl is incredibly fun and the spots are super easy and addicting. I am making the large size which is huge! I'm so excited about that.

I have made a decision while on vacation this spring. It is quite serious. I am going to commit to always having a pair of plain stockinette socks (How I Make My Socks Pattern on rav) on the needles in Opal Sock Yarn at all times from now on. I adore Opal sock yarn to no end and the patterning and the finished socks are simply divine. So while I love the indie dyers and other companies and will continue to knit socks in these yarns, Opal is appealing to me on so many levels. It deserves constant attention and time on my needles. Maybe you'll join me.

That is my vacation update. I'll be back soon next week as I prepare to leave for Seattle.

I hope you are all well. Love and miss you knitters!
best, susie