Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stitchers Crossing Event

Hi Knitters,
I brought the Itty-Bitty trunk show to my neighborhood quilt and yarn shop last weekend and I had such a good time. I love Stitchers Crossing. This is the shop where my sister and I took the quilt class last fall. I could spend hours in here and in fact, I have! Speaking of my sister, she stopped by to see me on Saturday even though she was in the middle of shuffling her kids around town. I made her take a photo with her side of the sister doll. See, that doll is actually her! Isn't my sister cute? Love her and I couldn't make it through life without her by my side. She's an awesome sister.

If you look up on the top right of the shelves of yarn you can see a bunch of Itty-Bitty Hats knitted up. The shop taught a class this fall using the book. I think the students could pick the hat they wanted to make. Gael taught the class and she is wonderful and helpful and nice. She has great samples of all sorts of projects knitted up for the shop. Stitchers Crossing is a quilting shop and yarn shop. It is a nice mix of both.

I didn't get great photos of this event but it was a nice event with a steady stream of interested knitters. I had quite a few people stop by with books owned by others to get signed. I always am surprised at the effort people make to get their books signed. I had quite a few Christmas gift books to sign. I had a few people stay for quite awhile, which was fun. Then you get to visit a little longer. There were kids, parents, friends, grandparents, moms... it was a nice variety of knitters.

I am pleased to say that the toys are holding up really well after all of the hands and travels. It is good to see that they will stand the test of time. I haven't had any repairs as of yet!
This is madtownmama on Ravelry. She came with her two little kids, who are adorable and sweet. She has already knitted two wrap me up puppies from the book. They are so sweet. It was great to meet her in person.
The Collector came and was great company. She brought her knitting and a bunch of drawings she is working on. She looked around the shop quite a bit. We left with a little bit of fabric she picked out. It had sparkling dragonflies, okay? We can't resist that.
My sweet, dear friend Laura stopped by. She is one of my favorites. She took both of my girls and me out for breakfast on Sunday. It was a good weekend to get to see her twice. What a treat. She taught three of my kids for first and second grades. It was a lot of years. She is such a good friend. I am a lucky girl.
Sharon is in the background taking a photo. She is the owner of the shop. The woman on the left is Katie. She came from Milwaukee to see me and came right at the end of the event, I was heading to pack up when she arrived. I am so glad she caught me. The driving was bad due to the snow. My husband came right at the end, too, and took these photos. I love Katie and have met her before. She works at Loop Yarn Shop in Milwaukee. Remember she made me mosaic knitting needles and a bear cake? I do. She just graduated from college a couple of days ago. Congratulations, Katie! I hope to get back to Loop sometime this spring for another event, it is in the works. Thanks for coming. It was so good to see you again. Katie has good energy.
The woman on the right works at the store. She had me sign a book and then she told me she was going to place orders with her daughter, the knitter, for various toys! It was cute.

The most exciting development of the day is that Stitchers Crossing is planning to carry Spud & Chloë after the first of the year! Madison knitters are now going to have a local spot to get their Spud & Chloë yarns and patterns right in town!! I am so excited about this. I will be sure to get you more information when this develops. This is great news and I really hope the Madison knitters will come out in force to support Stitchers on supplying this line locally! I get so many requests from local knitters and now we will have it at our fingertips.

I love Stitchers Crossing! Thanks for hosting me. I always have fun at this beautiful shop!

best, susie
p.s. Here are the Ravelry links for my two new patterns that will be released in January for Blue Sky and Spud & Chloë. Three Brrr Bears! Hop! I'll tell you more about these soon!