Thursday, September 02, 2010

More from the Knitting Buddies

Hi Knitters,
I have to share a little more of the knitting storm taking place around these parts. The Collector finished the Sailboat Hat from Itty-Bitty Hats. She did all of the decreasing for the point and the I-cord for the knot on top. I helped her a bit with the sailboat applique. She is so thrilled with this hat. It is already gone off as a charity donation.
Our knitting neighbor whipped up this college-themed hat for her sister who headed off to the UW-Whitewater. She lovingly made this for her before she left and her sister just loved it. She is already adapting patterns, changing sizes and piecing patterns together with ease.
Here are four of the neighbor-sisters in my living room. Aren't they wonderful? I love having them around. I love the way the oldest sister tied her hat up tight under her chin. Apparently she wore her new hat to a pool party later that afternoon and it has been hot around here. That's love. They are going to miss their college-bound sister.
I had many people ask about the rainbow sock yarn. It is Opal Feelings #1701. I believe that it is discontinued but you could probably still find it if you searched around on Ravelry. Maybe? I don't know anything more about it or where to get it. I've had this ball sitting around for at least a couple of years. I am glad it got put to good use.Here is the blanket the girls brought home from the knitting group last weekend. The theme is pink if you couldn't guess. The squares are both knit and crochet and are all donated from the knitting group members. The girls are now working on a single crochet border on all of the squares and then they will stitch them together. My favorite part of this was watching them lay out the squares, piecing them together like a big puzzle. They came up with a good sized blanket. I'll take a photo when they finish. TC is loving the crochet which is new for her.
This is Miss Molly's second hat. She went for a simple boy hat. Miss Molly learned how to decrease for the top, use double-pointed needles and how to make an I-cord for the top-knot. She is on a roll.
I can't believe how quickly she caught on to the whole knitting thing. She now has another baby hat almost to the decrease rounds and I started her on a bulky weight garter stitch scarf out of Spud & Chloƫ Outer in Soapstone. She will need that warm scarf while walking to her classes on campus this fall and winter. It will be beyond cold for certain.

Her joy about her knitting success is contagious to say the least. She has fallen for it.
The Easy Top-Down Raglan Knitalong is in full swing. Here is TC's Stripey Raglan that I am working on. It is turning out so great. I love working in stripes and haven't done much of it lately. I am almost done with the body as you can see. It has been so much fun.

The busy knitting days continue on....
best, susie