Friday, December 15, 2006

Knitted Christmas Card

Hi Knitters!

I know this isn't the best shot, but I don't have time to re-do it this morning. I wanted to show how you can include some knitting in your holiday cards. I knitted tiny stockings, one for each child. Next, I took their school pictures and cut out their heads and put them peeking out of the stockings. I literally cut and pasted this thing together, only I used Scotch tape. My girls threw in some artwork and voila! Instant Christmas cards.

I took the paper, with the actual stockings and pictures taped on, to the copy shop and ran color copies. Crayon drawings copy really well, by the way. The copies make it look like each card is individually colored by hand. The knitted stockings look so real you can see every stitch. Almost every year I use my children's artwork for our holiday card. Children's ideas and thoughts are meant to be celebrated and shared, it is simply the best.

Cheers to our children!

best, susie