Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi Knitters,
This is sure a quick little knit. I'm using Cascade 128 in color #1910, on US size 10.75 needles at 3.25 stitches per inch. Find the free pattern for Shalom here. This is one sweater that will benefit greatly from a good hearty blocking session. It's looking a little rough around the edges right now but it will very cute in the end.

Shalom is well on the way. It is a vest pattern and I am adding sleeves roughly using the little mama's sleeve instructions. Soule Mama also added sleeves to her Shalom and offers some sketchy instructions. I love both of these versions from both of these wonderful mamas. It is a one button pattern but I added three more buttonholes. I have four perfect brown buttons in waiting that will look fantastic with the blue.
Oh, and this little mama got a big daddy haircut. I also got my grays washed away. This salon visit will last me for a good long while. Is it weird that I dread going to a salon and sitting there for a couple of hours? Weird or not that is how I feel.

I'm off. I am putting my Shalom away now until I finish up some more pressing work knitting projects that have to be completed over the next few days. Shalom is packed up tight in my rooster bag and hidden so I won't even see it to be tempted. Unfortunately when you hide things from yourself you actually know where to find them. Willpower be with me, please.

No more personal knitting for a bit. Work, work, work.
best, susie