Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little Easter Knits

Hi Knitters,
I love this time of year, it's all hopeful and light. I am not usually a pastel lover but just looking at these pastel cotton chenille cupcakes makes me feel very inspired. These yarn balls are like spun sugar. I want to dive in and stay. So with pastels and Easter and spring in mind, I have been whipping up a sweet bunch of little knits. I am giving you a peek at my new bunny, little chick and my Easter egg washcloth. I will be making more washcloths in a mini-egg size, too. That egg above is fresh off the needles, still warm. It is about 10 by 10 inches, including the edging. The mini-eggs will be more like 6 by 6 inches or so, that's in my mind, I haven't actually made one yet: ) See how I plan like that? It's very official-like.
I hope to get a few new patterns up for you over the next week or so. These two little Easter friends are so incredibly easy. They are garter stitch squares basically, the only skill other than the knit stitch is to knit 2 stitches together. I figure if someone can knit a stitch, they can knit 2 stitches together, right? 

Anyway, these are the perfect quick Easter toys and any beginner can do these and I mean that. You couldn't get an easier toy pattern than this. It is basic, basic. Cast on, knit, bind off. Sew seam (very easy and garter stitch is incredibly forgiving). They stand about 4 inches tall, the bunny with the ears is maybe 5 1/2 inches. The bunny is made in Sugar-n-Cream and the chick is made in Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. Get ready if you are interested! I used size 6 needles.

I have more Easter-y things planned, I have to see how fast I can get things to fly off my needles. This season is really fun to knit for. It all feels so fresh and new.
Speaking of fresh and new, look at this! My dear blog reader and ravelry friend, Peggy, had a brand new baby girl last week. She is gorgeous and you must be so proud, Peggy. She is incredible. Congratulations. This new little sweetheart is wearing the hat from the Layette Set in Itty-Bitty Nursery. The hat is perfect just like her. Peggy also knitted the Ruffle Blanket from that same layette set and she says it is the perfect size. I love that simple blanket. That is good to hear and thanks for sharing. I am glad you are doing well. That's hard work having a baby. Phew!

Take care and I'll be back soon with little goodies for you and another yarn giveaway. This giveaway will be a little different from the last.
best, susie
p.s. I am going to make this pattern and look at this fantastic accomplishment! Oh and I just noticed she made the Dotty Chicken, too. Excellent knitting. That is such a fun chicken and it's easy, too. I wish I could understand what is being said there but the pictures tell a lot. Both the tea set and the chicken are in Itty-Bitty Nursery