Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SewBendy and Morgan Mary

Hi Knitters,
I got this little bag in the mail today. Boy, did that arrive quickly, I just ordered it on Saturday. It is beautifully handmade by Melissa Kinney of SewBendy. She is in Austin. I fell in love with the Amy Butler fabric and the sweet small size of the bag. I've always got a thing for that bigger loop that fits through the small loop. It's clever every time. Zip on over and pick one up quick, there are only a few left.

I am aching to learn how to machine sew. I know very little about sewing on a machine but I have done a lot of hand-sewing. I enjoy sewing by hand tremendously but sometimes I think how much faster it would be to use a sewing machine. Seeing this bag has nearly pushed me over into signing up for a class and getting a sewing machine in my house. I think it must be done and soon. Forget all of that other stuff I should be doing, sometimes a girl's gotta sew!

The late afternoon sun was streaming through my studio window and it highlighted the new pedi sock I just started. It feels good to be back to stripes after my pooling woes. I will definitely add the pom-pom on this pair. The yarn is Trekking XXL #134 and it is the most delicious summery blend of colors, perfect for Memorial Day weekend.

The SewBendy bag is the perfect size for a small project like a sock (don't forget the cozy for your yarn). The pocket is a good thing, too. Thanks Melissa for this treat of a bag. I'll use it all summer I am sure.

We went to my sister's house on Memorial Day to celebrate my niece's high school graduation. To say time flies puts it mildly. What a glorious day for a party. This was my son's fourth sandwich, he had a total of five. That makes my stomach hurt. My sister rented a soft-serve ice cream machine along with a keg of ice cold rootbeer for top of the line rootbeer floats. This was by far the hit of the party for the kids and adults. I need to file this idea away for future use.

My sister lives in a hundred year old house on the lake here in Madison. It is the best house for a party I have ever seen. There is space to spread out, loads to do, places for the kids to hide, room to eat, everything you could ever want. The hostess is really what makes a party and my sister is definitely the hostess with the mostest in my book. She does an excellent job. Brava.

My daughters bounced the day away on the lakeside trampoline.

This is the view from the third floor balcony into her yard. Those are star balloons in the high school colors. I just about died when I saw those because my sister called me from her car and said she might pick up a few balloons for the party. When I saw the two-story high string of balloons I thought she had lost her mind but they were from the graduation ceremony. They were going to be thrown out so my sister snagged them for her party.

Congratulations to Morgan. I am proud to be her aunt. She is a fun, kind, giving, hard-working young woman with many talents. That is the best kind.

I hope you all had a good long weekend. Now it's back to business, the business of knitting.
best, susie