Monday, July 07, 2008


Hi Knitters,
My daughter turned twelve this weekend. When she was born I already had two sons. I had my mind set that this baby would be another boy. I don't know why, it was just a feeling. I love having boys but I always wanted to have a daughter in the worst way. I love little girls.
She was born at around 8pm and we were simply shocked to have a girl. I was so excited about her, beyond words. When I called my mom (who was taking care of my sons) to tell her we had a girl I cried, hard. I could barely get the words out. I couldn't even sleep or close my eyes that night due to sheer happiness. I didn't want to take my eyes off her for a second. I will never forget that feeling, it was pure joy.

I still can't believe my good fortune.

Have a good Monday, Knitters.
best, susie