Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sweet Valentine

Hi Knitters,
My daughter came out of piano lessons today with a special gift for me. She wrote me a song for Valentine's Day called, Knitting. She was so proud and excited to tell me about it. Her teacher, Amy, does such a great job getting the kids interested in all sorts of different ideas about music and piano. I certainly don't think my daughter thought she could write a song at this point. My daughters are lucky to have an inspiring teacher like her.

Anyway, since it is a song called Knitting, I thought I would play it as my gift to you for Valentine's Day. It isn't much but here it goes:

Phew! My recital days came back quickly. I always got so darn nervous for those things.
Valentine's Day is a fun holiday, not much pressure just hearts, candies, chocolates, cards and a hug here and there. I pretty much love this little holiday. Plus you can't beat Valentine colors. We made heart cookies for both of my daughter's classes. They did most of the work.
I'd like to say I did all of the dough making but I bought the mini-hearts frozen and ready to bake at a store called U-Bake. This is my new home away from home. For these cut-outs it is a gift from heaven. You couldn't make them any better yourself and since you have to bake them your house smells cookie delicious.
U-Bake also has that glossy frosting that hardens. Perfect. The colors are already mixed for you and they can sit right on your shelf, no refrigeration. How's that for an advertisement? I have used this store's cookies more often than I could count.
Happy Valentine's Day, knitters. I appreciate you.
This was from last year's Valentine's Day. What a year it has been...
best, susie